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Sweater into pillow tutorial

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New tutorial today!!! YAY!

So, do you have any old sweaters lying around that you don’t wear anymore but just can’t throw away? Why not turn them into cushy coach or bed pillows?

Let see, you will need:

1 old sweater (or 2, or 3…)

1 pair of good scissors or a rotary cuter (plus mat)

1 ruler

sewing thread and sewing machine



Ready to go?!

Just make a strait cut just below the arm holes.


Turn your square on the outside (wrong side out, right sides facing each other) and sew the upper edge close (and since it’s cotton I serged it to prevent fraying, you could also zigzag stitch it ) do the same on the waist band edge but leaving a couple of inches unclosed so you can fill the sweater. ( Since it’s the waist band and the edge is already finished up, no need to serge or zigzag it.)


Now just fill it up to the cushiness  you want, hand sew the opening close and add decorations to your liking!  I went with yo-yos for this one, as it will match Camille’s room :)


Easy peasy hey??!

and one crossed

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Français, english

Remember my resolution to try new techniques this year?! I’m glad to report that I’ve crossed one thing on the list! It’s been awhile since I saw a tutorial on how to do reverse appliqué and I’ve been itching ever since to try my hand at it. I had this black t-shirt lying around that was still fitting but it was a bit short length wise. Remember also that t-shirt that I used to make a waist band on a skirt? Well it got to be used again :) The less trash, the more happy I am!

Est-ce que vous vous souvenez que ma résolution cette année était d’essayer de nouvelles techniques? Eh bien, j’ai déjà un trait de fait sur ma liste! Ça faisait un bout que j’avais vu un tutorat sur comment faire un appliqué inverse et j’avais depuis, bien envie de l’essayer. J’ai donc utilisé un t-shirt noir qui me faisait encore quoique un peu court sur la longueur et je me suis adonnée à un peu de chirurgie ;) Je ne sais pas si vous vous souvenez du t-shirt que j’ai utilisé pour faire la bande de taille d’une jupe? Eh bien, vous le reverrez à nouveau! Moins il y a de gaspillage, plus je suis heureuse, ha!

I first started by adding the hem of the turquoise t-shirt on the black one so it will be longer (since I cut it without thinking first I didn’t had that much fabric to play with here…) Then I freehand draw something that seems ok on the front (using an old bar of soap) and TRIED it before anything else. You really DON’T want your design to be placed somewhere crucial (a big circle on part of your breast might seems quite awkward) when you are happy with the results, bring your embroidery floss on!

J’ai tout d’abord commencé par ajouter ce qui me restait de l’ourlet du t-shirt turquoise au bas du chandail noir, question d’allonger le tout (et puisque je n’ai pas vraiment réfléchi avant de couper le turquoise, je n’avais pas beaucoup de jeu question tissu). Puis j’ai dessiné à main levée quelque chose qui me paraissait bien beau ;) Puis, j’ai ESSAYÉ le chandail.  Étape cruciale s’il en est une! Vous ne voulez vraiment pas avoir une partie de votre design qui passe au mauvais endroit (un gros cercle de couleur sur la poitrine pourrait faire vraiment “bizarre” si vous comprenez ce que je veux dire!) Quand le résultat vous satisfait, sortez votre fil à broder!

Put the contrasting fabric underneath your design (use t-shirt fabric if you doing it on a t-shirt since cotton doesn’t stretch as much it may prevent your shirt from fitting correctly) . Pin it into place and start embroidering! I used a backstitch for this and didn’t put too much tension on my thread (forgot to say that I used 3 ply out of the 6). Once you embroidered all your lines you can cut with embroidery scissors about 1/8″ from your lines being careful not to cut the fabric underneath. And Taadaah! you are done!! Isn’t easy?? Can’t wait to wear this one. If the weather could be warmer now ;)

Placez un bout de tissu contrastant dessous le devant de votre chandail et épinglez bien. Commencez à broder (j’ai utilisé le point arrière et 3 brins de fil sur les 6) sans mettre trop de tension dans votre fil. Une fois que tous les lignes sont faites, avec des ciseaux à broder couper le tissu du chandail à 1/2cm de vos lignes en faisant attention de ne pas couper le tissu contrastant. Et taaadaaah! c’est terminé! Facile n’est-ce pas??! J’ai bien hâte de porter celui-ci! j’attends juste un peu plus de chaleur ;)


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I’ve score some stuff the thrift shop yesterday! :) Found some grey wool pants as I use lots of them in my bags, 2 pairs of shorts for Julien, drinking glasses as the kids are tired of drinking out of plastic ones (all different ones of course!) a nice porcelain bowl, t-hsirts for making my scarves and different fabric coupons for sewing! All for 20 bucks…

Je suis allée faire un petit tour au centre bénévole de ma municipalité hier, et j’y ai trouvé plusieurs items qui ont fait mon bonheur! Plusieurs pantalons en lainage gris pour mes sacs (j’en passe beaucoup, j’aime le gris!) 2 paires de shorts pour Julien, des verres de vitre pour les enfants puisqu’ils sont tannés de boire dans des verres de plastiques (et ils sont tous différents évidemment!), un superbe petit bol de porcelaine, des t-shirts pour mes foulards et différents coupons de tissu pour coudre. Et tout ça pour 20$…


made these 2 scarves yesterday, and I’m definitely keeping the red and turquoise for myself (Have I ever say it’s my favorite color combo?!) I’ll put the other on sale on etsy soon.

J’en ai profité pour faire 2 foulards hier, un rouge et turquoise (pour moi!!) et un dans les teintes de rose et brun qui irait bientôt dans ma boutique.

While I was rummaging in the fabric coupon box, I saw this teal and cream knit, and just snatch it up. To find out it was a partly made skirt. In my size. YEEESSIR! I wanted to try that yoga waist band you can find everywhere on the net, so this was the perfect occasion!

Pendant que je fouillais dans la boîte de coupons de tissu, j’ai vu ce superbe imprimé dans les teintes de turquoise et crème… J’ai tiré dessus et Ô surprise: une jupe à moitié terminée! De ma grandeur! Quelle chance! Ça faisait un bout que je voulais essayer une bande de taille style yoga que l’on voit partout sur le net. C’Était l’occasion parfaite!

This is what I used: the thrift store partly made skirt with an old t-shirt of mine.

Voici ce que j’ai utilisé: La jupe à moitié fini plus un vieux t-shirt qui était sur ma pile à débarrasser.

The skirt had the sides sewed up but for maybe 6 inches up to the waist band. I just closed the 2 sides.

Les coutures de côtés étaient presque toutes faites, je les ai donc terminées.

Cut a band in the t-shirt (removed the hem before).

J’ai ensuite taillé une bande dans le t-shirt en enlevant l’ourlet d’abord.

Removed about 1 1/2 inches from one side (so the fit is more snug).

J’ai enlevé environ 1 1/2 pouces sur un côté.

Folded it in half (matching side seams).

Puis j’ai plié la bande en deux (envers contre envers)

Gathered the skirt so it’s fitting the waist band and sew the skirt to the waist band.

J’ai ensuite froncé la jupe et ajusté le tout avec la bande de taille. Puis, cousu les 2 ensemble (zigzag léger).

And Taaadaaahh! you are done :) the Skirt was blind hem stitched already ;) so about 15 minutes to do it all!  And it’s mid-calf , the length I like… even got the perfect match t-shirt to go with it (maybe I’ll wear it with a orange one too). I’ll wear it with the waist band fold over though, it even more comfortable!

Et voilà! Terminé! La jupe avait déjà le bord de fait (ourlet invisible), donc un projet de 15 minutes! Longueur mi-molet, celle que je préfère! Et je porterai la bande de taille pliée en deux, c’est encore plus confortable!

Just for finish, A bag I made one of my friend ;)

Pour finir, un sac que j’ai fait à une amie ;)

Something easy

(pour le texte en français, voir au bas de la page!)

Julien has that pair of pj that he likes a lot. So when I told him it was more than time to give them away since they were way too short now, he didn’t want to part with it… What a mother’s to do??! Make something out of it of course!

Just cut straight to remove the ribbing part at the ankle.

Make a new hem.

And TaDAAH!  now you have capri summer pj’s!!! (it will go just below his knees…) I do that with his pants too, turn them in longish short of capri pants. That save on big bucks and since he’s a skinny child (even though he eats a LOT!) the waist band is more fit than if I buy a new pair of shorts for his size…  It’s quick, earth friendly and easy on the wallet.

I’m thinking of doing my first tutorial soon… wish me luck :)


Ma mère a offert à Julien un pyjama de Monsieur-Madame qu’il aime beaucoup! Mais le bas de pyjama est rendu maintenant trop court (beaucoup trop court!) et Julien refuse que je donne ;)  J’ai donc fait une petite retouche afin qu’il soit encore utilisé pour le plus grand bonheur de mon garçon!

J’ai juste coupé la partie cheville, fait un nouveau bord et TADAA! un bas de pyjama pour l’été! Il lui arrive juste sous le genou.  Je fais cette petite transformation sur ses pantalons aussi, comme ça pas besoin d’acheter de nouveaux vêtements et la taille lui fait mieux puisqu’il est très mince.  Et les pantalons avec genoux déchirés font de super shorts-bermuda et ne sont pas jetés aux rebuts :)

J’espère pouvoir mettre disponible mon premier tutorat-photos bientôt!! Souhaitez-moi bonne chance!

Halloween costumes

I hate sewing Halloween costumes.. so much efforts for something the kids use once or twice. Camille wanted to be Jesse (Toy story) and I would have had to do the costume from scratch. No way. Instead I offer her to be

I had a blast doing the costume! I found the dress (size 14) at the thrift for 10$, it was fitting nicely (just had to take in the straps) made a “manchon” (the thing that hangs from the neck for your icy hands in winter) from a skinny fun fur (!)(the worst of 2 worlds: skinny AND fun fur ha!) scarf that I hot glued on some felt.

Add a magic wand (Camille told me that the outfit really needed one!) from a styro ball and some stick, and a headband (my favorite part ;0)) and you are done!! I found the glove at the same thrift store and I suspect they came in with the dress as they fit my daughter perfectly. She is happy, mommy is happy, it’s a win-win!

My son requested something completely different! ;)

This was easy to whip up…! A woman’s size small denim overalls, red t-shirt, some white gloves (stitched on the sleeves) red cap and a small growing mushroom stuffie (made from dollar store felt). He didn’t like the paint mustache and wanted to wash it right away lol!

Rachel will be wearing my bunny costume my mom made when I was 3…

Have a fun Halloween!!

A room refashion!

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I told last time that I might be showing off my “new” sewing room!! Guess what I’ll be blabbing about today!? ;)

When we moved in this house, 6 years ago, I put my sewing machine downstairs as there were no places elsewhere and just didn’t do much sewing for 2 reasons: managing babies and kids and well, it was downstairs (read, not much light, not near the kids rooms…) so when the last baby was old enough we decided to put her with her older sister (in an 8′ by 8′ room you just have space for a bed…) so guess what? I now have my own 8′ by 8′ paradise!! :)

From a baby’s room to this…

by Cul de Sac

We finished about a bit more than a month ago and I just wish it could stay as organized as it is in the pictures… ;) It’s a dream to work in it and I’m now on the main floor, can watch the kids while they are playing outside, make supper and still be sewing and  the room even as an actual door that I can close!

How about some descriptions? All the white furniture (beside the dresser you can glimpse at the bottom left corner of the picture above) came from IKEA. I even found the perfect size dresser to go under my sewing table flap! I love my folding table, I cut, make crafts and iron on it.  I had the little wood color dresser (also from IKEA) for awhile. I splurged a bit on the fabric for my curtain, but I wanted a colorful room so I had a good excuse… I even knitted the trim to go on the curtain as I wanted something that match without paying big bucks for it (it’s reclaimed yarn). 

by Cul de Sac

 Here’s my vintage singer I got second hand, it’s nicely running and makes everything I want but I had a hard time finding the right needles for sewing jersey. The lamp, I got at the thrift store for a buck and it’s red! my fave color! I bought the sewing table when I was 18 and bought it new in the box which if I was to do it again I would certainly not pay as much and get a second hand one.

by Cul de Sac

Here’s my vintage industrial overlock my mother was kind enough to give me. She had it for years and haven’t been using it for a long time so she came my way and started a new life! It took me more than 3 hours the first time I threaded her and still need to get to know her better… but don’t fear I will!

by Cul de Sac

That’s my cute little piggy bobin thread holder my uncle was kind enough to craft for me… it’s really way too cute! And I was thrilled when he showed it to me :)

by Cul de Sac

Also bought at IKEA… Man I love that store! It’s a good thing I don’t go there too often lol.

by Cul de Sac

A very useful magnetic bar…. bought… I think you know where ;)

by Cul de Sac

My vintage knitting needles and crochets, mostly from my grand-mother and stored in vintage thrift store pitchers and canister.

by Cul de Sac

My hubby installed this that goes all around the room (but from the window’s wall) so I could store all the little sewing necessities as buttons, elastics, ribbons etc… My buttons (all vintage too, mostly from my grand-mother’s) are store in apothecary style jars from the thrift store.

by Cul de Sac

All my finished items are stored in vintage suitcases (you can see my red one here!), just love the look of them! and they are sturdy!

Hope you enjoy the tour!

Cute dress!

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It’s been awhile, but I saw this tutorial by Dysney at Ruffles and stuff and had this on my to do list for about a year (even found the skirt a year ago!) when I thought it was about time I spent an hour on it and get it done!

So here’s the skirt before:

And one hour after ended up with:

by Cul de Sac

Some action shot (she was twirling)

by Cul de Sac

Rachel just loved her dress and if it’s clean that’s the one she will ask for… If I find other skirts like this I may keep them for next summer!

A little refashion!

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I’m doing a little game on my fan page on facebook. I post a picture of something I want to make into something else, and I let people guess what it will be turn into :). I think I’m the one having a blast to see what people think it will become lol!

The on going one is this:

I have seen lots of this kind of necklace lately

Photo by Pretty Ditty:

 I wanted to try some myself and I ended up with this:

by Cul de Sac

by Cul de Sac

by Cul de Sac

 I’m very pleased with the way it turned out. And I think it will be great for showing what kind of accessories you could do with fabric flowers, don’t you think? Tea Rose Home  has a great tutorial if you want to make flower pompom and Pretty Ditty offer another tutorial for the fabric beads…


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