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I didn’t change the default title of this post, because I really feel like saying Hello WORLD! I could add: Here I come! but I won’t lol!

Yay! This is my first post at wordpress… and I am on the tip of my toes trying to see the other side of the blog-0- sphere, at the big, successful and oh sooo enjoyable grown up bloggers…

I tried my hand at blogging awhile ago, and didn’t really feel at ease so I just let it go but decided recently that I didn’t really tried and put the effort in it for real. I was thinking there’s so many craft blogs around why adding another one? Now I’m thinking: Why not?!  So here I am, challenging myself to add something to the ever growing crafty brain of the net!

I don’t pretend neither promise the kind of stuff you see in the awesome blog Disney is writting or in the beautiful sewing in no mans land (have you looked at her pictures???) but I’ll do my best…

The good thing about starting a new blog is I will take more pictures of my kids   lol! Still I’m always wondering how those guys, in the numerous crafty blogs I read daily, are doing to crame it all in a day…

I need to go to sleep now but I’m all excited and affraid at the same time 🙂

Here’s a little pics of our family, we went strawberry picking in june!


About Cul de Sac

Hi there! Love crafting and sewing, taking pictures and show it all :)

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  1. Very nice pic, you go girl 😉

  2. it’s so nice to see a photo of you! just be you & you blog will be great.

    • Thanks Lynn!! I was thinking the same thing when I saw your beautiful picture with your great headband! It was great to put a face on a name LOL!
      Thanks for your feedback!


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