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Did you thought I was gone!!?? Well, the week has! lol! Everyday for the last week I was telling myself that I needed to write a post… so better later than never 😉

What did I do all those days? Did house chores, wrangled managed the kids, sew some stuff, had a visit with my parents and felt quite overwhelmed for a bit..

So yesterday I went to my parent’s summer place for the day. The 2 yougests had fun going to the beach, and playing with friends and biking around… (Camille went with her other set of grand-parents to visit with one of her cousin… ask her if she was sad about it :))

I took some pictures:

there’s Rachel wanting to be buried by her grand-mother…

by Cul de Sac

Rachel having fun at the beach…

by Cul de Sac

Julien having fun at the beach…

by Cul de Sac

Rachel helping her grand-mother wathering the flowers…

by Cul de Sac

For the sewing part… I was ask by a quaint little boutique to go see her and show my stuff (that is always sooooo rewarding! lol) and she was really pleased with what I had made so we took arrangement for me to deliver some goodies for her in september. Since she is planning to add a children section to her store she asked me to make headbands for little girls (ahhhhh, just imagine the fun!!!) and to make some brooches to go with her knits. So I just had a playful time doing some headbands and I might say that I loved doing that! quick, easy and oh so cute! there’s some pics of the one I made and I’m getting the hang of it so I better know about the next ones I want to make 🙂

by Cul de Sacby Cul de Sacby Cul de Sac


by Cul de Sac

by Cul de Sac

I did one brooch  but didn’t take a pic yet. I also made a pencil case for Camille’s cousin with Camille’s own hand embroidery and one pencil case to sell soon. And I made some felted mittens. And and and, that’s it.. LOL!
Camille’s one:

by Cul de Sac


by Cul de Sac

by Cul de Sacby Cul de Sac

by Cul de Sac

WOw! That was quite a lots of pics to digest! hope you didn’t choke on it ;)!
Next time I might show you my sewing room!!

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Hi there! Love crafting and sewing, taking pictures and show it all :)

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