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A room refashion!

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I told last time that I might be showing off my “new” sewing room!! Guess what I’ll be blabbing about today!? 😉

When we moved in this house, 6 years ago, I put my sewing machine downstairs as there were no places elsewhere and just didn’t do much sewing for 2 reasons: managing babies and kids and well, it was downstairs (read, not much light, not near the kids rooms…) so when the last baby was old enough we decided to put her with her older sister (in an 8′ by 8′ room you just have space for a bed…) so guess what? I now have my own 8′ by 8′ paradise!! 🙂

From a baby’s room to this…

by Cul de Sac

We finished about a bit more than a month ago and I just wish it could stay as organized as it is in the pictures… 😉 It’s a dream to work in it and I’m now on the main floor, can watch the kids while they are playing outside, make supper and still be sewing and  the room even as an actual door that I can close!

How about some descriptions? All the white furniture (beside the dresser you can glimpse at the bottom left corner of the picture above) came from IKEA. I even found the perfect size dresser to go under my sewing table flap! I love my folding table, I cut, make crafts and iron on it.  I had the little wood color dresser (also from IKEA) for awhile. I splurged a bit on the fabric for my curtain, but I wanted a colorful room so I had a good excuse… I even knitted the trim to go on the curtain as I wanted something that match without paying big bucks for it (it’s reclaimed yarn). 

by Cul de Sac

 Here’s my vintage singer I got second hand, it’s nicely running and makes everything I want but I had a hard time finding the right needles for sewing jersey. The lamp, I got at the thrift store for a buck and it’s red! my fave color! I bought the sewing table when I was 18 and bought it new in the box which if I was to do it again I would certainly not pay as much and get a second hand one.

by Cul de Sac

Here’s my vintage industrial overlock my mother was kind enough to give me. She had it for years and haven’t been using it for a long time so she came my way and started a new life! It took me more than 3 hours the first time I threaded her and still need to get to know her better… but don’t fear I will!

by Cul de Sac

That’s my cute little piggy bobin thread holder my uncle was kind enough to craft for me… it’s really way too cute! And I was thrilled when he showed it to me 🙂

by Cul de Sac

Also bought at IKEA… Man I love that store! It’s a good thing I don’t go there too often lol.

by Cul de Sac

A very useful magnetic bar…. bought… I think you know where 😉

by Cul de Sac

My vintage knitting needles and crochets, mostly from my grand-mother and stored in vintage thrift store pitchers and canister.

by Cul de Sac

My hubby installed this that goes all around the room (but from the window’s wall) so I could store all the little sewing necessities as buttons, elastics, ribbons etc… My buttons (all vintage too, mostly from my grand-mother’s) are store in apothecary style jars from the thrift store.

by Cul de Sac

All my finished items are stored in vintage suitcases (you can see my red one here!), just love the look of them! and they are sturdy!

Hope you enjoy the tour!

About Cul de Sac

Hi there! Love crafting and sewing, taking pictures and show it all :)

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  1. bonjour Josée

    I like your sewing room (l’atelier), light airy bright!

    Entricot de Ravelry


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