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I’m back!

So the little vacation to my SIL is now over… We had a fun time and the kids enjoyed it 🙂 They had plenty of time to play with their cousins, I had plenty of time to have nice conversations! We picked up potatoes, had a picnic at the park, listen to my nephew’s concert…

I had a small fabric flowers class with some lovely teenagers during that time and I really enjoyed it! I showed her how to make fabric rosettes and Kanzashi flowers. They seemed pleased with the class 😉 I took a picture of the finished flowers but I was in a hurry so forgive the bluryness and lighting… I think I may offer the class, with more fabric flowers, to the community center, we’ll see. So here’s the flowers we ended up with

by Cul de Sac

I made some stuff yesterday 😉 I had this curtain part I picked at the thrift store awhile ago so I made it into..

Some eco-friendly produce bags! I was desesperately in need of some as the one I have bought 2 years ago were dying one by one… I made a big one for the apples as I buy a large quantity of them each week and 4 smaller ones. I’m very happy with them and they made me work with my new overlock, so I got to know her better! still need to work making a straitgh seem!lol

As I was sewing those produce bags, I kept touching the fabric and kept thinking, hey! It feels like polyester! why not try those pretty flowers?! I lighted a candle and got to work…

by Cul de Sac

I just love those!! I made four of them for now and made a headband for Rachel with one of them… I think those 3 will go on a t-shirt I have!

by Cul de Sac

 Doesn’t it look more sophisticated?! (don’t mind the pose!)

 I picked up more polyester today at the thrift store, just for the fun of making more 🙂 I will make headbands, and pins and…lol!

Remember, last post I showed a pic with some fabrics to be cut? well I got myself sewing yesterday….

by Cul de Sacby Cul de Sac


by Cul de Sac

 It’s a bit big on her for now as I did it for next summer, it’s a nice play dress with zipper at the front, for less than 3 dollars I’m kind of happy with it 🙂 and so does she! I found the right zip in my stash and the right color rickrack too! so lucky 😉

Now I need to work on my last projects for my next craft fair!!


About Cul de Sac

Hi there! Love crafting and sewing, taking pictures and show it all :)

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  1. Wow – didn’t know that you were teaching classes. Way to go! You sure are staying busy. Love the flowers and the dress. And it makes me laugh how alike we think – I have some mesh fabric I’ve been saving to make into produce bags, too!

    • Can’t wait to see your version of produce bags!! I just taught one class so far but might upgrade it to a real $ class! Lol!! Thanks for your compliments about the flowers and the dress!


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