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So proud!

I’m sooo proud of myself today! I went for 1 km of jogging and 1 km of walking (need to go back home you know!) I said to myself: it’s just going to the corner and walking back, you could do that! But after 2 minutes into it I was kind of calling myself a fool, and silly girl, and what were you thinking…. But I did it! kept my stroll, kept my breathing pattern, and was itching all over 😉 Next time, I’ll know I really CAN do it!lol Next time I’ll minute myself. But Hey! It’s done!

My in-laws with my SIL came yersterday to watch my son’s last soccer game. He was very proud, and he kept looking back to see if his grand-parents were watching him 😉

Saturday will be his tournament, he’s playing 2 games for sure and maybe more if they win those. He loves playing soccer!

Isn’t he cute?!

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