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Ah! I had pizza on my dinner list for this week and I wasn’t feeling like doing the pizza crust I habitually do… with allergies and a cold… so I peeked inside my big freezer and… Yeah! there were a bunch of half emptied bags of hot dog and burger buns 🙂 The kids love it when I do it with hot dog buns, it gives pizza another shape. Since I had enough of everything to make 2 cookie sheets and a half I will have some to freeze for school lunch! This is what I call a win-win situation 😉

As you can see I’m having a blast with picnic! I’m almost feeling that my pics are as beautiful as the ones I see in other blogs!

If someone wants the recipe for the easy and yummy pizza crust just howler! I might put the recipe for the cornflakes cookie everyone is asking for up tomorrow if I have time to whip some with the help of Rachel!


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  1. we do pizza another way at our place… 500ml tomate juices, 1 can of diced tomatoes, oregano, garlic, onions, green pepper, mushrooms, sliced pepperoni in half, baked about 30min. a slice of bread on each bowl, cheese, broil, and you have a Pizza Soup !


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