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Halloween costumes

I hate sewing Halloween costumes.. so much efforts for something the kids use once or twice. Camille wanted to be Jesse (Toy story) and I would have had to do the costume from scratch. No way. Instead I offer her to be

I had a blast doing the costume! I found the dress (size 14) at the thrift for 10$, it was fitting nicely (just had to take in the straps) made a “manchon” (the thing that hangs from the neck for your icy hands in winter) from a skinny fun fur (!)(the worst of 2 worlds: skinny AND fun fur ha!) scarf that I hot glued on some felt.

Add a magic wand (Camille told me that the outfit really needed one!) from a styro ball and some stick, and a headband (my favorite part ;0)) and you are done!! I found the glove at the same thrift store and I suspect they came in with the dress as they fit my daughter perfectly. She is happy, mommy is happy, it’s a win-win!

My son requested something completely different! 😉

This was easy to whip up…! A woman’s size small denim overalls, red t-shirt, some white gloves (stitched on the sleeves) red cap and a small growing mushroom stuffie (made from dollar store felt). He didn’t like the paint mustache and wanted to wash it right away lol!

Rachel will be wearing my bunny costume my mom made when I was 3…

Have a fun Halloween!!


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