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Sewing fun

I’m glad to report that everyone is fine! We succeed  in the complex art consisting  in avoiding and escaping from the cold and diarrhea viruses that crawl around ready to get you at the very minute your immune system  weaken a slight bit… The kids got back to school the 9th, so the week before we did some fun activities like going to the swimming pool (yes, I did get in the cold  water) went to the Récréofun with some friends (and ruined mommy’s ear for the rest of the day) and Julien and Camille went sliding with a neighbor (sans mommy).

I’ve been busy sewing wise too in the last 2 weeks. I’ve completed a custom order made by one of my Facebook fans. She asked for a Hot Dog bag for her mother in black with red accents. So I use 2 pants (one black corduroy and one capri cotton, spandex) and used a necktie  for the straps.

You can see I used the pockets of the pants for added organized spaces at the back. I also use a earring for the zipper pull.

Those back pockets got me thinking about my Necktie Bags I make… And after a bit of fiddling I came up with this new feature!

From now on, when it’s possible my Necktie Bags will be sporting 2 additional pockets on the back…! I love the way it looks 🙂

This bag have also been featured on a new blog called Foraging for Fab!

Written by “Ketsy” where she is sharing her Etsy finds. She has interesting posts and definitely an original point of view 🙂 You can find the blogpost where my bag is featured here.

I also had a request from one of my fan and High school friend ( hi Isa!) to make her a cell phone case. So I drew a pattern and sew it but it ended up to small… So I enlarged it a bit and came up with this (she asked for green and said she likes the birdies)…

She has a smartphone that is the same size as an iPhone… just sayin’… 😉 I might be making some soon…

I wanted to make Camille some skirts and dresses for sometimes now but was always making stuff for the shop, so this week I decided to take a plunge !

With the help of this pattern

and some IKEA curtains I got from the thrift, I came up with this:

The zipper is for decorative purpose only as she doesn’t need it to put in on and it brooke at the first try so I sewed it close as I was too lazy to undo the waist band to remove it lol!

Here’s a closer look of the flower.

I made it with polyester and used some leather scraps my father gave me to make a leather tassel… I’m quite please with it and so is she!

I also felt really REALLY  crazy ambitious this week and tried a thing I was putting off doing because of the scary factor and the work involved…

I’ve had that drool inducing book for quite a number of months now.

From time to time I would take it from the shelf  make my way through it, wipe some mouthly fluid from the pages and put it right back with the other sewing books I own (no much of them unfortunately 😉  as beautiful and colorful and wow factors the clothing is, it scared the hell out of me…

You need to draw the patterns on paper and add yourself the seam and hem allowances  (taking time to make sure you thought them right …!) and it seemed to be quite a lot of work, with the embellishments and all!

My friends,

I made a fool woman out of me…

and did it!

May I present to you the Insa skirt.

We can’t see it on this picture but the underskirt has a lace ruffle too. Next time I won’t be using heavier weight fabric as this denim for the overskirt as I think it’s a bit bulky. I had to made a horizontal fold at the waist band because Camille like it low waist so I remove some of the fabric this way without redoing the waist band completely.

All fabrics and trims are recycled. I used bed sheet, pillow case and cotton remnant for the underskirt with vintage lace and ribbons, and thrift store denim coupon ( I must have like 10 meters of this one!) for the overskirt.  I’m glad I found how to ruffle with my sewing machine because I wouldn’t have done it otherwise for the lace part!

I didn’t really count the time but it must have taken me over 6 hours doing this one… but HEY! I tried something new!!

I got to know my serger better, it still intimidating, but not as scary as it used to be.

I might go nuts and do this dress next… for Camille again…

Rachel as been asking for some skirts (in pink)  too but since it still easy for me to find some for her at the thrift it will wait a bit. Next projects on the list are:

PJ’s pants for Julien.

Finishing some Xmas gifts… I know.. Pathetic…

The Feliz dress for Camille.

Some stuff for my friend Kim… 🙂

A pencil case  for me .

An iPad cover, for me.

A new hand bag, for me.

A macbook cover, for me.

T-Shirt skirts for both the girlies.

And…. 🙂 It will be sooo good to sew something for me for a change… If I can just decide on what exactly I want!


You are still here!!? thanks for reading it all, that was a really long one 🙂


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  1. wow, you’ve been busy! everything is beautiful. i’m jealous that you’ve sewing something for yourself. i’ve been meaning to sew myself a new purse for about a year now. maybe 2012 will be THE year 😉

  2. Wow!!! You’ve been extremely productive! Between our two schedules and the time difference, it’s no wonder we haven’t been able to touch base. Lol. Love the pockets on the neck-tie bag – very clever! And what gorgeous skirts! Camille is a lucky young lady.

    You really should do something for yourself soon, especially since you’re embarking on a new life adventure by going back to school! I can’t believe you, you crazy, courageous woman. 🙂 Move yourself up on that list girlfriend…right after “the Feliz dress for Camille!” Hmm…on second thought…maybe after “some stuff for my friend Kim.” ;-D Hahahahahaha!

    • You are too kind! 🙂 i want to know what you have been up to, beside doing snowmen…!lol I can’t move myself any higher on that list anyway, since I don’t know what kind of stuff I want for myself… What a girl to do? Make some stuff for her friend! (i know exactly for her !) hope to be starting soon, and send her her yarn… 😉
      I’ll try and send an email.


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