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Cute little houses

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I saw those little houses on the retromama blog before Xmas and fell in love with them! They were way too cute and I had to make them but was wondering how I could put them in showcase in my house all year long…

And then, I made a bunting to go in Rachel’s room. And I had my Ah Ha moment. How about a curtain? A simple but cute curtain?!

I first did those beautiful houses and had fun hand embroidering and coming up with way to decorate them 🙂 They are made of reclaimed and upcycled materials as usual and stuffed with new fiberfill. I used the same fabrics (or should I say clothes??!) as the bunting (forgot to take pics of this one, so coming later).

And because of Michelle at Keyka Lou who had the awesome idea of setting sewing week goals (along with a giveaway at the end of each week! woooot!) I completed the curtain last week!

I’m really happy with it and so is Rachel! But If I was going to make another one I’ll double the length of the window that time (just did 1 1/2 and it’s not ruffly enough to my taste;) I bought the polka dot fabric and the white one too. I could resist Fushia and Polka dot together!

I’ve been putting things off lately…   Like sewing for myself, that is still on the to do list. But The goal setting is really helping me get on track and really DO stuff!  I was kind of jealous of Michelle for having such a bright idea 😉 Thanks Michelle!!


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  1. Wow, it is the best project I have seen in a while, I love it! Well done!

  2. Such adorable curtains! Great job. I absolutely love them. Thanks for participating in our Weekly Goal posts.

  3. super beautiful adorable goodness! great job! kudos!

  4. Those are super cute! Your idea of how to display the houses all year round is great! 🙂

  5. this is SOOO cute Josee! love it! I think the button attachments are the perfect touch too =)

  6. I’ve just found this post and your curtain project is brilliant. It would have been lovely even without the little houses, but they are just the perfect touch. I am in awe of their detail, especially the little shrubs. So cute!

    • Thanks for your nice comment! I had so much fun making them 🙂 you can find the link to the tutorial to make them in the post! and it does look cute in my daughter’s room haha!


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