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I went to the “thrift store” today, and I might say I scored some cool stuff 🙂

First, enough t-shirts to make 8 new scarves…!

soon to be scarves
And some vintage fabric (loads of it), vintage purple trim, a baggie of vintage button, some sequin embellishments (envisioning some headbands here…) and a yellow ice tray with banana forms… Why do you need to make ice in banana form will you ask me?! well I’ll show you soon 🙂
Thrift finds

Does anyone wonder what is the silver metal thingy at the back? I was intrigued too when I saw it and Opened it up to find out…
Vintage tray

YES! a tiered tray! Isn’t it beautiful!??? Love it to bits 🙂 I’m keeping it all for myself and can’t wait to throw a party so I could use it lol!

All of this stuff (with a dress for rachel, a hat for camille, 3 blouses for sewing ) for    8.50$ !    today is good!


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Hi there! Love crafting and sewing, taking pictures and show it all :)

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  1. Great finds! My grandmother had a silver serving tray just like it! If you don’t mind me asking, what thrift store do you go to? I live near Montreal and am still searching for the perfect thrift store.


    • Hi Meagen! It’s not really a thrift store it’s a “centre bénévole” (volunteer center) where they sell stuff people in the city give them. I live on the south sore of montréal. Send me an email if you want more infos
      Thanks for your comment!


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