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Rainy day and lousy craft

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It has been rainy today and the kids were out of school for easter’s break.

So, you know, I thought why not make a craft with the 2 oldests?! I was seeing those crayon ones all over pinterest and thought I’ll give it a try. We got busy….

crayon recycled

crayon recycled

crayon recycled

crayon recycled

crayon recycled

And ended up with these:

crayon recycled

crayon recycled

Kind weird and scary looking wannabe overripe  bananas… The kids thought they were fun though. We’ll see how long they will be lying around and get used. I melt the crayons at 230C in the oven for 15 minutes  and almost got the mold molten too. Not. to. do. again.


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  1. You beat me to it! Saw this as a tutorial on another blog and put it on my to do list. Yours came out really nice!

    • Not that much as they are all brown looking… You might want to put crayons in alike color batches (like yellow with orange, red and pink…) to prevent the brown looking thing;)

  2. Minerva's Hand

    we did the SAME thing this weekend!!! for S’s birthday party…but we did them in a muffin tin. over-melted them, because the colors all blended together on the bottom. But they’re for the little kids’ party favors, so it’s not a big deal. Great minds think alike. 🙂


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