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I’m a member of the Upcyclers group on Etsy  and I was very surprised to get mail that said I’ve been featured on the Upcyclers blog! This is what have been featured 🙂 Cool!

And here an awesome treasury that features my little bunny 🙂

‘Everybody Loves Some~Bunny!’ by collagical

Spring is here~ Bring on the bunnies!

Bunny Love: eco-fri…


Some Bunny To Love …


Soft, Upcycled Bunn…


Shabby Bunny Rabbit…


Reserved for 6/8 F…


Recycled Feed Sack …


Vintage Mother Goos…


Bluebell Bunny – Up…


Butterick Crafts Lu…


Spring Cleaning Sal…


Birthday Bunny in P…


HANDMADE Gift Tags …


Peter Rabbit Bracel…


Abundance Box silk …


Pattern to make Rec…


Bunny Mini Garden T…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio

Besides that, I’ve done something for Julien that he was very happy with! Found a brown plain tee at the thrift and did some reverse appliqué  again…

reverse appiqué shirt
reverse appiqué shirt
I need to resize it though because it’s still too big.

And I made a tunic dress for Rachel from the book Girl’s world. As I put it on her, Camille walk in and went like: Cool you made her a nightgown…. duh!

Dress for Rachel

So I add yo-yos so it won’t be looking to much of a night dress…

Dress for Rachel

The turquoise fabric was some left overs from when I did summer capri and top for both my nieces years ago and the white fabric is left over from her curtain 😉

Some stuff got added to my shop too! And I’m glad to report that my goals for the week have been achieved! (if you want to participate go here)

eco-friendly bucket bag

First I finished a bucket bag that I’ve cut a long long time ago.

eco-friendly bucket bag

I’m quite happy with the birdie. I tried machine embroidering it and I really like the finish (besides saving me quite some time in the making!)

And sew the last batch of scarves:

upcycled scarf

upcycled scarf

upcycled scarf

upcycled scarf
I might post a refashion I did for Camille’s room soon !!!!! :))


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  1. I love your little freehand birdie, very cute! x

  2. i love the bag, and the bird is so sweet!
    do you make your own labels? they look great.

    • thanks for your sweet comment!
      Yes I do my own labels. I made a stamp using erasers and stamp it on old t-shirts using fabric paint 😉

      • so genius!!! i’ve heard of using a strange pen that transfers ink from a photocopy to fabric but it sounds complicated, so thank you for sharing your solution. i hope you don’t mind if i use it 🙂

      • Please go ahead, it wasn’t my original idea anyway lol!
        Always glad to be helpful.
        I don’t dip my stamp into paint though, I brush the stamp with a paint brush, if you don’t you will end up with too much paint and it will blob 😉

      • thanks – i’m looking forward to trying it.

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