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New bag pattern try

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Eco-friendly shoulder bag

I’ve purchased a new sewing pattern :0) okay, 2 new patterns actually lol! I was looking for  quite a big bag you know, for toting around my school supplies!

Eco-friendly shoulder bag

And just as I was to decided on something I got an email from iThinkSew with a sale on their new patterns… And one  was just fitting the bill.

Eco-friendly shoulder bag
And I just love the way it looked, with those cool handles!

Eco-friendly shoulder bag

The sewing pattern name is the Scarletti bag and you can find it here.

Eco-friendly handmade bag

I used some grey men’s wool pants, fabric sampler, cotton remnants, bed sheet and interfacing. I used the pant’s back pocket at the back and made a zippered one too. It will look sooo sharp in september don’t you think??!

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