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Hand dying try

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hand dying tutorial
Yep! I tried to hand dye some stuff and I’m glad I did 🙂 I wanted to try this for awhile but never really took time to do so.

I had a white cami for months that I wanted to use to make a dress but it was a bit stained on an armhole. So why not overdye it a new color? and since I was going to make a dye bath why not throw in some lace?!

Here is what I did if in case you would do it yourself.


I used powder dye from the dollar store. It is good for one pound of cotton, silk, spandex and viscose.  Two boxes is good for nylon acetate, rayon and wool.
I basically followed  the instructions in the box. BUT, next time I will use boiling water, not only hot tap water as it didn’t dissolve all of the powder.


So, use boiling water (enough to cover the clothes you want to over dye) and add your powder. Note. I did it in my inox sink. I wouldn’t do it in the washing machine as they propose on the box. Nor in a stainable sink or bowl.


Put on some gloves if you don’t want to have weird colored skin. I dissolved it using a wooden spoon (that you won’t use for cooking anymore).


I weighted what I wanted to use to know if I had more than a pound. Was ok on that and even put more lace in it 😉


I hand washed everything quickly and rinse thoroughly (your clothes need to be wet through).


And just added it to the dye bath. Swished it for a bit and let it soak for 20 minutes (swishing once in a while).
Here’s the results:



It says on the box you need to let your fabric dye until you reach a bit more darker than what you want because it does get paler when it’s dried. Here the lace and cami are straight from the dye bath. I was so glad with the lace, now I have nice purple-lavender laces!

Stay tune for what I’ll do with the Cami!


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