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My new baby!

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sort of… I’ve been a lucky girl 🙂 Imagine just that, my friend was kind enough to lend me her “old” camera! It felt like Xmas day 🙂
My new baby!

I’m just a beginner photographer but man, am I having fun!

So, picture taken for the last 2 weeks of blogging have been taken with this bad boy. I also wanted to prettied it up with something useful… like a camera strap cover…

Camera strap cover

What I really really like with this strap cover is the pocket for the cap so you don’t loose it !

Camera strap cover

Actually I made 2… One for me and one for my friend 🙂

Camera strap cover

All made from upcycled fabrics of course and I had to hand sew the tags as I didn’t realize I was forgetting them  ’till I was done lol!

You can find the tutorial I used to make them here on LBG Studio blog!

Camera strap cover

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Hi there! Love crafting and sewing, taking pictures and show it all :)

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  1. i love them! my next big business purchase is going to be a nice SLR. wanna make me one when i finally get one?;)

  2. Nice straps! I’ve been meaning to make one for my SLR, but haven’t found the time yet. DSLR’s are soooo much fun!


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