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empty bottle upcycling

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what to do with empty soft drink bottles?? I found an interesting idea on Pinterest and made it asap with the kids since they were out of school for the day and I had everything on hand already!

What did we made?? this!

Bird feeder tut

Isn’t it cool?! a bird feeder on the cheap 😉 I found the idea on this site, so it’s not from my own brains but hey, it’s cool and the kids loved doing it! I only used one wooden spoon per bottle because I would have needed to buy new ones… I recycled one broken spoon with this project. The small loop screws were from curtain rings.

This is what we used.

Bird feeder tut

Basically, just make two holes in front of each other, tread the spoon in those holes (just make sure they are a bit bigger than the spoon so the birds can catch grains) fill it up, and screw the loop screws on top of the lid.


Fill it with bird’s grains and screw the lid back.


Hang on with some ribbon or twine and enjoy the show!

We hanged them on the cherry trees just in front of our living room, so we can watch the cute birds all year long.


The birdies didn’t find the feeders yet but Rachel was calling them in the window lol!

bird feeder tut

bird feeder tut


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  1. How sweet!! Can’t wait to try this with my kiddos.


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