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Freezer paper appliqué tut

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Freezer paper appliqué tut

I’ve been wanting to try this technique for more than 6 months now… It has been delayed that much because it’s impossible to find  freezer paper here in Québec! No grocery stores, no walmart nor Zeller’s and the like are selling it! Can you imagine that?! Finally I gave in and bought the stuff at Club Tissus, 11 bucks for 50 paper size sheets… this is not cheap, but it’s for a good reason 😉

I can say I’m thrilled with this technique and I almost regretted not to buy this stuff earlier (this was the cheap in me lol).

Wanna now what I did? let’s go for a walk thru …

First you will need

  • some freezer paper (in the wrapping aisle of your grocery store) It’s a paper that is wax on only one side.
  • Fabric paint (I  used dollar store acrylic paint mix fabric medium)
  • sponge brush
  • iron
  • X-Acto or utility knife
  • Piece of cardboard
  • hair blower if you are anxious to see your results like now!
First, decide on what you want for appliqué and draw it on the paper side of your freezer paper (keep in mind that you’ll get a reverse image, so draw you letters backward is you want to write something) With X-Acto cut along your lines and tear your drawing to remove the center, keeping any small parts inside.

Freezer paper appliqué tut

As you can see I did an anchor and I keep the small circle at the top.

Next, iron your design (wax side face down on your fabric). It will stuck to your fabric like a sticker! Put any small parts of your design on  and iron them too (see my small circle?).

Freezer paper appliqué tut

You will need a piece of card board to put between your 2 layers of fabrics, so when you will paint you won’t have a mess on the back.

Mix your acrylic paint with your medium according to instruction or use fabric paint. With a sponge brush, dab your design taking care not to put paint anywhere else on your fabric.

Freezer paper appliqué tut

Continue until all your design is covered with paint.

If you are like me, and just want to see the finish product now, blow dry it for about 5 min, until paint is set.

Freezer paper appliqué tut

remove your freezer paper carefully and iron it to set the paint.

Freezer paper appliqué tut

Did someone said FUN???!!! Man, I have TONS of plain t-shirts…. LOL!

DSC_9239Freezer paper appliqué tut

It looks soooo professional don’t you think?? This skirt is for Camille and I made it using all thrift store fabrics…

On a other note, I’ve finally decided that I won’t use this bag as a school bag after all…

Eco-friendly shoulder bag

I’ll be afraid to dirty it all the time and I will not want to put it on the ground, not very useful for a school bag 😉 So I’m offering it on my shop (here). I bought a little vintage something instead….! Pictures to come when I’ll receive it 😉

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  1. so cute!!! love the nautical feel!
    I will be sure to buy some freezer paper the next time Im in the US! (I’ll grab you a few rolls too! )

    • Yes do buy it in the states please! They had a big rool at club tissus (not cheap) but they stop selling these because packaging was written only in english:(
      I wouldn’t mind getting a few rolls 🙂
      Thanks for your offer!

  2. I’m in Canada too and haven’t been able to find this apparently awesome stuff. I screenprint instead 🙂

    • I’m scared of screen printing… Seems so complicated.
      If you send me your address to bouclenoire(at)hotmail(dot)com I could mail you some sheets of freezer paper. I’d be happy to do so!

  3. Hello
    I own a quilt shop in Laval and I carry the Reynolds Freezer paper on roll 18” x 50′ for $9,99
    Courtepointe Claire
    3143 boul. Dagenais Ouest
    Laval Québec H7P 1T8
    (450) 628-9950


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