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Would you help me please??! I’m pathetic… I know, but it’s so hard. Too many choices and options.

The thing is, I really NEED a new handbag. The one I currently have (bucket) is agonizing and I want something different now 😉

But what to choose?? I saw lots of lovely patterns on etsy and just can’t make my choice. Soooo easy when it comes for someone else, why is it so hard to choose for myself?! I know I will use grey pants with red. With that in mind will you stroll through  the following pictures and tell me the one you prefer? All are the size I want and I want cross body style (or on one case the backpack style lol).

All pictures will take you to the etsy store of the pattern’s designer. I borrowed pictures from their store for easier viewing 🙂

picture by sew spoiled

picture by sewspoiled

Cabrio tote by Sewspoiled

Isn’t it cool that this bag pattern is a shoulder bag AND a backpack???!!!

picture by ChrisWDesigns

Bella bag by ChrisWDesigns

With lots of pockets…

picture by charliesaunt

Rural correspondent bag by charliesaunt

Love the tailored look on this one!

picture by charliesaunt

The Poacher’s bag by charliesaunt

Cute looks!

picture by thesterlingowl

The hobo messenger bag by thesterlingowl

Love the clean lines of this one!

picture by SweetPeaTotes

Hobo bag by SweetPeaTotes

I like the flap and structure!

I told you! Too many options….

So which one would you be choosing???

Pretty please, help me decide!



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  1. J’aime bien le BELLA… peut-être parcequ’il a un gros boutons ;)))

    • JE les aime tous! c’est bien là mon problème haha! mais celui-ci est bien beau, et les poches… il y en a beaucoup!
      Ah que c’est difficile! 🙂

  2. Cathy Cayer ;-)

    LE Bella est tres beau avec ses armatures hihi…. ils ferait un excelllllllent sac a couches ….! ou avec un jolie tissu fleural comme le dernier …il pourrait facilement devenir mon ami !!

    • Eille t’es pas en train de magasiner pour toi là??! Hahaha!
      J’avoue qu’il a de la geule comme on dit… Il serait beau avec un mix de tissus différents dans les tons de gris… ;))

  3. Minerva's Hand

    I agree…the Bella is the cutest…and it’s the largest of them all! My faves are Bella, Cabrio, and the Hobo by SterlingOwl. Did you know that the ones from CharliesAunt have sales limits on them? She asks that you limit the number of her bags you make to sell to 10/year for each pattern. Don’t know if you were thinking about selling these…

    BUT GUESS WHAT? You don’t have to buy the “Cabrio by SewSpoiled” because it should be arriving in your e-mail either today or tomorrow. 🙂 I love the flexibility of that bag…so clever!

    • Oh man! I just loved receiving a facetime from you unannonced! And on top of that having a wonderful patten coming my way is just cherry on the icing 😉
      Thank you soooo much kim, that made my day or should I say my weekend 🙂
      love you!

      • Minerva's Hand

        I’m glad! Presents are always fun. 🙂 You better make me a bag. Lol. And it looks like the Bella bag is winning, so I want one of those too (looks like it would make an awesome diaper bag with all the elasticized pockets…not that I need a diaper bag now, but it’d be a good addition for your shop). I’ll make a special order for a Bella when you’ve tested out the pattern.

      • You don’t need a diaper bag now, but we don’t know what the future is holding for you ha ;)))
        Can’t wait to make the cabrio!

  4. bella

  5. I really like the Poachers Bag. My niece sent me a few pairs of my late mother’s wool trousers to repurpose into a bag. I think this would be perfect. I’ll have to get my hands on that pattern!


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