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For mother’s day….

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I was a lucky mom 🙂 I’m always a lucky mom, even though I forget it sometimes… We had a great day yesterday. I slept in (yay!) and then I woke up to that….




And even a paper cake!


With a craft that Camille made at school for me! Yes, my oldest decorate all the house for mother’s day with a bit of a help from her brother and sister! You can tell, she worked hard 🙂

And they all made me cards with Oh so nice messages inside. I was impressed by what Julien had to say… And Julien made me a small cushion to put under my pillow 😉


Camille is funny. This girl makes anything she wants with paper! She made me a bouquet of flowers as you can see above. She made herself houses for her polly pockets. She made musical instrument once too. And my cake a couple of pictures above. No wonder is costing me an arm in scotch tape…

The Kids were thrilled that Daddy made pancakes for lunch.

I played cards with Julien, read books with Rachel and was going to the ceramic café with Camille when we hit a locked door. It’s closed for good now, and we were very sad… So we ended up at Renaud Bray to read some comic strips instead lol!

Hope you had all a good day and enjoyed every bit of it!



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