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T-shirt top play dress tut!

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Michelle at MichellePatterns is doing another challenge this week 🙂 It’s called the pinterest challenge (it’s not too late to participate and do the giveaway!) and you have to make something inspired from something you pinned on pinterest… I saw lots of  dresses made from t-shirt tops so I decided to give it a go! (here’s another one for inspiration)

T-shirt top dress

Remember the white cami I dyed? I finally used it 😉 Along with some fabric my friend Katrina gave me (Hi Redrane!)

T-shirt top dress

It was going to be for Camille, since I find it hard to find some cute dresses the length we like.

I cut the cami about 4 inches under the arm.

T-shirt top dress
Then I cut 2 inches strips from the remnant.

T-shirt top dress

Sew 2 strips together to make a long one and ruffled it with my sewing machine.

T-shirt top dress

I then pinned  it around the collar and cut the over and sewed the 2 end together to make a loop and sewed it on.

T-shirt top dress

The purpose of this ruffle is to make more girly and to hide some of the dye stains 🙂

Next I measured the length I wanted and cut the fabric  accordingly (width is selvage from selvage). Sewed the selvage together.

Gathered it and sewed it on the cami.

Made a ruffle with the fabric remnant and added it to the skirt. Put a cute belt and you’re done!

T-shirt top dress

When I showed it to her when she came back from school she squealed with delight and was wearing it the next morning (so the pictures are taken before she left for school and she ‘s standing up on her dresser lol!)


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  1. That is adorable!!! What a lucky girl! 🙂

  2. Adorable! Great use of that nice printed cotton and I love the frilly touch at the neck!

  3. Awwwwwwwwwwww what a beautiful dress – your daughter looks very happy, MOM! I saw your post on the Pinterest challenge so I came by for a peek – you really did a wonderful job!


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