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Soon, my one and only son will be turning 8!! already!  And I’m planning a big party for his birthday 🙂 Since it’s the only member of the family that has a birthday in summer (we are all just before Xmas) it’s fun to be doing something outside and have the place…!

I’ve started a pinterest board  to collect ideas of what I have in mind 🙂 Pinterest is sooo addictive…. but very useful!

So here’s a teaser of what I’ve done today….

popsicle Collage

I made the invitations look like  creamsicles and I love them. Just made a template out of a cereal box and cut in cardboard from the $ store.

Popsicle invitations

I’ve a pretty good idea of what I want in term of décor lol. Thanks to Pinterest!

Popsicle invitations

It will involve lots O’ candies….


Banners and balloons….

And popsicles of course!

Popsicle invitations


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Hi there! Love crafting and sewing, taking pictures and show it all :)

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  1. There is a bulk barn here in Longueuil if you need to stock up on candies for a good price 🙂 LOVE those creamsicle invites!


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