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Planting trees…

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Scouts tree planting

The kids had an activity with the Scouts saturday, and I went along with Rachel!

Scouts tree planting

They had to plant trees for a company and in return this company is giving money back to finance their summer camp.

Scouts tree planting

It was a BIG  job!

Scouts tree planting

2600 small white spruces had to be grounded…

Scouts tree planting

in a soil made exclusively of rocks and clay. 😦 I felt like I was weighting 20 pounds more, because of all the soil that was adhering to my shoes…

Scouts tree planting

the kids couldn’t dig themselves, it had to be done by adults, and it was hard.

Scouts tree planting

And the field to cover quite big!

Scouts tree planting

We were about 80 persons to do the job (4 Scouts group and parents)

Scouts tree planting


Scouts tree planting

Man, I was pooped when we came back home and just crushed on the sofa for a while lol! It was a hard work out!  But worth it 😉

Scouts tree planting

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  1. What a great adventure . . . and life lesson . . . for all those kids! 🙂


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