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Bento crazies…

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Have you seen all the Bento box pictures that are exploding all over the internet?? Lemme show you some….

The artful kind…. just not for me. But oh my so cute!

picture by


The ones for your everyday kind of person: (just me!)


by diners journal

I liked the way bento boxes were looking and the fun they add to a simple lunch box. this is what I came up with… Nothing fancy, but hey it’s still fun!
Bento my way!

Bought some divided boxes at the dollar store (2$ each)

Bento my way!

and found some silicon molds at Maxi et Cie

Bento my way!

(3 for 2$… which is cheap since I was looking for silicon molds for weeks and thought they were too expensive)

Bento my way!

I have 4 different mold forms and 3 of each form! (I’ll be making my own lunches with them too when it’s back to school time for me 😉 The kids haven’t complained about their new lunches! What I like is I can put small bits of everything and I can buy wholesale cookies and crackers and such (not the individual portions) without using billions of containers. And I sneakily  cut on the sweets at the same time without them noticing! Amazing! The containers fit in their lunch box (from costco) but I have just enough space to put the ice pack and the yogurt.

I’m sure my kids would love these too!



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