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What’s up with the drawings?

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I’m dead tired… You know when your brain seems to have fun by itself and just let your eyes have that vacant stare. Yep. That’s me. But I’m still functional enough to show you what we have been up to in our drawing class. We’ve been very productive!

Camille is making good progress. When you look at her first drawing and the one she’s working on now, you can definitely  see that she understood something 🙂

The first:

Camille drawings

The third (we can’t show you her second since it will be gifted later ;))

Camille drawings

The wavy lines at the bottom is just so we know we need to cut the sheet there if we remove it from the binder, it’s not part of the drawing 🙂

I’ve made progress too… And I’m even surprise myself that I’m on my  4th portrait! Man, I didn’t know I didn’t need to spend like 18 hours on one ha! With a bit of guidance it’s so much faster now. The portraits are now taking me about 3 classes  to complete. Amazing!

The one you saw half completed:

my youngest, 3 months

It’s Rachel at 3 months old. I’m fairly happy with this one and it’s now done after waiting for a couple of years.

Next one, I’m not that satisfied with.

my oldest at 6 months

Camille 6 months old.

I really don’t like the left eye, but I went almost through the sheet of paper with the eraser so I had to let it be. It kind of show 😉

Last, after a hard start, I say LOVE!

My son at 6 months

Julien 6 months old.

I still see my flaws but I like the finish look!

Still need to finish the one I just started last class and I hope I will be done before the summer break!

Besides that, the kids are preparing to go to Scouts summer camp in about a week and they are very excited 🙂

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