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I’ve made it!!!! ohh yeah

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Know what?????

I’VE MADE IT! no kidding! *Happy dance*

I was on the front page on etsy!!!!

With this treasury!

‘All Tied Up’ by bstrung

Avid Team Challenge26 inspired by

NEW – Neck Tie Mug


Father’s Day Ca…


Dog Collar Bow Tie-…


Mustache Men and Ti…


FREE United States …


Gifts For Guys, Stu…


Wood Tie (Large) – …


Small S Funny REBEL…


Necktie Bag: an eco…


African Man – guy …


Rustic Level Hangin…


Fathers Day Gift.. …


Father’s Day Ca…


Necktie ring titani…


Ties for Father’…




Treasury tool supported by the dog house

(If you click the pictures, it will send you to their listings)

I have been sick, like BIG time migraine (the one you can’t even open your eyes…) and I’m still not myself today, so I went to refresh my etsy stats (I was at 8 views, very normal ) and it was like 398 views 57 favorites… I went like ok, I must have chosen show the last 2 weeks option… and refresh it again, saw it was the stats for the day and went Oh my holy gosh…! what happened?!

Yep, I went to the app views and hearts, clicked on featured and it was there, the treasury was featured at 8 this morning 🙂

If you are not a etsy seller, you may not understand the excitation of all this… 🙂 But I didn’t know it would send so much traffic! lets hope it will end up with some sales ha!

So thanks to bstrung for making this treasury! (here her store)


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  1. That’s fabulous!!! Congratulations . . . and well-deserved! 🙂

    • thanks! I am all still excited… (even with the headache ;)) I don’t know about the deserved thing but I’ll take it ! haha! I saw you liked my fan page! thank you sooo much, that is a compliment!

  2. Minerva's Hand

    Woohoo!!! Glad something awesome finally happened to your store! You deserve it.


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