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Quick fix!

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Do you have something that bothers you a lot?! I do… and many things lol! But one that is driving me crazy is the need to always reach for my sewing machine pedal under the desk. It keeps going ways and around not being still for me to sew quietly! So if you have that problem here’s a quick fix for that!

Here’s my naughty pedal in all its dirty splendor

pedal fix!

And the much wanted fix. (no squid stuff on a roll from the dollar store)

pedal fix!

I thought of that quite sometimes ago but never got to buy the no squid roll at the dollar store. My mom sent a bag of stuff last week and Oh surprise, what did I found at the bottom??! the exact thing I needed AND the right size!

pedal fix!

So take your hot glue gun and get busy!

pedal fix!

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  1. Cool! Must try this! 🙂


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