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Yep! I tried a new pattern… a couple of weeks ago. Why didn’t I blab about it yet? because, I made it as a gift and I had to wait for Canada post to deliver it as I didn’t want to ruin the surprise!

Eco-friendly versatile shoulder and backpack bag

And I think she was surprised! Even more she didn’t know a parcel was coming her way 🙂 I’m not that good at keeping it secret when I send something away, it’s just because my friend wasn’t home and we couldn’t FaceTime together that week lol!

Eco-friendly versatile shoulder and backpack bag

So, my dear friend Kim bought me the Cabrio tote pattern by sew spoiled on etsy as a gift. I was thrilled! A new and cool pattern to try out! I made one and decided it needed to go her way 😉

I use all reclaimed stuff of course! Denim, linen, neckties, men’s shirt and bed sheet and interfacing.

Now my comments on that pattern…

  • I really like the look of it.
  •  It stores quite a lot (2 inside pockets)
  •  I love bags that stand up by themselves (flat bottom).
  • It’s comfortable to tote on the shoulder.
  • It is original.
  • Closes with magnetic snap

Eco-friendly versatile shoulder and backpack bag


  • I don’t like the way the strap crosses on top, I think it gives the bag a bit of unprofessional look.
  • It hangs very low on the back when you wear it as a backpack so it’s not comfortable this way.
  • My friend told me it was bothering her having 2 straps to grab since they move on the side and she needs to replace them almost every time.

eco-friendly shoulder or back pack bag

(sorry for the crappy pic!)

I’m not sure I will use denim again to make another one. Mind you, I love the way it looks with denim, casual but still dressy and it can be worn with almost anything, but it was a pain to gather such heavy fabric and I had a hard time for this part. I love the neckties as straps, it adds so much character to the bag! I might do one to add to the shop, but I think I’ll do custom request for this pattern….


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  1. Minerva's Hand

    Lovely bag…I know because it’s MINE! 🙂 Thank you so much Josee! I was just glad you got to try the pattern…and now I have my own Cabrio. And just so you know, I’ve been using A LOT since it arrived. The weather is finally warming up, and it’s come in very handy on the playground, especially when I want to run errands before and want to look somewhat stylish.

    And anyone who hasn’t gotten one of Josee’s bags – she’s an amazing craftsman. Very solid, quality work!

    • I had fun doing this pattern for you! Trying to guess what you would like and imagining your reaction 🙂 i’m so glad you liked it! And thanks for those awesome compliments 🙂 see you soon!!!! Hugs to S in the meanwhile 😉


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