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Last year, hubby gave me money for my Bday so I could get new earrings. So I went with one of my bests to the big craft fair at the Bonaventure plaza. I looked around and sideways. But nothing got my fancies… until I saw that one of a cool pendant. Exactly my style. In silver and cooper. BEAUTIFUL! but I don’t wear pendants… 😦 The nice lady at the stand heard me say that to my friend and went: But I’ve got earrings in this style too! WHAT! give me those!

compliment makers!

And I came back home with them, all happy and giddy 🙂

Each time I wear them, I get TON of compliments! Even when I do FaceTime, my friend doesn’t listen to me, she’s watching the earrings wondering if there is really people dangling from my ears LOL!

compliment makers!

Rachel loves them. She always says that the one on my right (yeah, I always wear them each on their same ear) is mommy with her curly hair and the other one is her with straight hair… Even Camille asked when her ears will be healed if she could borrow them… No, of course, these are mine! selfish I know 😉

compliment makers!

So, for people asking and the ones wondering you can buy them online! there, I said it… now too late for me to have the premises! They are made by Stick Man Creations, they need cleaning in the silver cleaner stuff very often though. Have you looked at all those cute animal earrings ??? Now I crave the sausage dog ones! I think I need to start a Pinterest board for my wish list 🙂 just to give hubby a big hint! lol

compliment makers!


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  1. those are so darn cute! i love silver & copper too 🙂

  2. Minerva's Hand

    Haha!!! I was too listening to you! The earrings were just really distracting because they’re adorable! Lol. They look even better close up. I think I will have to get a pair, too. 😉


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