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Something quick, he said.

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tskkk, dads…

Mine asked me do sew him a working half apron. With a pocket for his tape mesure. With velcro closure. With an elasticized waist band “so it’s not going down my knees when my tools are in”. You know… “just sew something quick”… bwahahaha!

But I was a good girl and came up with something 😉 And just so you know I’ve got a really good daddy that I  love  him big time….

Working apron tut

So, introducing the working half apron! I don’t know if you are really interested in such a tutorial, but I decided to make one anyway because: first, It’s my blog! and second, I needed something tangible so I’ll remember what I’ve done if he’s ever asking to have a new one 🙂

I’ve got some pictures of the process but in the middle of the project I just forgot I was going to make a tut and stopped taking them, so I’ll walk you through the last steps…

You’ll need:

  • an old pair of jeans
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • chalk (or in my case a bit of soap, love soap for marking fabric!)
  • wide elastic
  • velcro
  • Sewing machine

Take your old pair of jeans and lye it down, straightening the waist band. Cut it straight at the crotch.

Working apron tut

Make a cut, from the crotch and passed the zipper. Now you have a big rectangle with 4 panels and 4 pockets.

Working apron tut

I cut the panel with the zipper closure off. Now 3 panels and 3 pockets. I had to remove one of the belt loop as it was too near the edge and I couldn’t sew into it.

Working apron tut

I cut the side to square it off.

Working apron tut

I then fold the crotch so the jeans lay nice and flat and pinned it into place.

Working apron tut

I draw a line and cut it square. (with the pins still holding the crotch).

Working apron tut

Iron a hem 1″ all around (but for the waist band) I wanted to turn it under and make a narrow hem with a nice finish but turned out my sewing machine didn’t want to do that… Mmmmh starting to think about getting an industrial sewing machine… But never mind! I just overlocked the edges and made my hem as is ( 1/2″ seam allowance hem) and made another seam 1/8″ near the outside edge for a nicer and more professional looking hem 🙂 (don’t forget, the iron is your best friend!)

I had a rectangle of jeans lying around (for a bag strap I didn’t end up using) so I made a strap and sewed it to one side of the apron. Attached a long strip of velcro (rough finish velcro side)

Took a strip of wide elastic, sewed it to the other end, and sewed a bit of opposite side velcro.

Working apron tut

couldn’t resist and put my handmade tag! 😉


Working apron tut

Hope everything is making sense… My dad was very happy to have it and put it to use straight away!

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  1. Really cute idea for crafters, too. Saw a link to your site on pillowsalamode.


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