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He’s 8!

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Already 8!

He's 8!

Height years ago, I gave birth to a funny, loving, witted and talkative little bundle of joy…

He's 8!

We may have our struggles and challenges…


But we are beyond than lucky to have him around!

He's 8!

As he changed me and our family for the better!

He's 8!

Happy Birthday my boy!


About Cul de Sac

Hi there! Love crafting and sewing, taking pictures and show it all :)

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  1. Minerva's Hand

    Beautiful shots of a handsome young man! I love the idea of using a chalkboard to document his likes for each year of his birthday. And then, you can see how tall he grows each year. Congrats on your little man’s birthday. 🙂

    • Thanks Kim! I took the idea on Pinteresr 😉 i didn’t know and wouldn’t have guessed but he was shocked when I show him the pictures on the blog.. Turns out he doesn’t like to have his face on internet… 😦 of course, now on i’ll respect that!


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