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Pinteresting: Grain-free brownies

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I think I may start a “new” topic on the blog that I’ll call Pinteresting, where I’ll blab about us trying some of the pins on the ever popular Pinterest… What do you think? We see some really cool crafts and recipes without knowing if they really works or are as tasteful as stated.

I already tried some of the stuff so I’ll link to them at the end of the post if you are interested 😉

Let’s start with some yummy grain-free brownies that look really promising! Fresh from Pinterest, the pin that got me started…

Source: via Josée on Pinterest

I promised Julien that I would do this recipe with him….

*Just a note about pictures of my son… He was shocked to see I was putting pictures of him on the blog and said really quickly that he was not at ease with that. So, from now on, you will only see parts of him as  I will respect his wishes. (my 2 daughters said they didn’t mind…)*

So we got started!

grain-free brownies try...

Smashing zucchinis…

grain-free brownies try...

Blending stuff…

grain-free brownies try...

and eating it!

grain-free brownies try...

You can find the recipe here on the delighted momma blog. I did the recipe as written but changed the honey for Agave sirup.

Our feedback?! It was GOOD! really good. The kids loved it and so did mom and dad. BUT…. it was not tasting like brownies. More like a chocolate chips cake. Maybe next time I’ll try adding cocoa powder to the mix.

Here’s some other Pinteresting tries…

Recycled Crayons

Bird Feeder

Résumé pour la belle fille de ma connaissance!

Je pense que je vais faire une série sur le blog sur les choses que je trouve intéressante sur Pinterest. En voyant toutes ces bonnes recettes et artisanats super cool, j’ai envie d’en essayer plusieurs et je me suis dit, pourquoi pas donner un feedback en même temps?! Donc, ici, nous avons essayé, Julien et moi, de faire des brownies sans farine. Le résultat fut délectable même si ça ne goûtait pas vraiment les brownies. Toute la famille a beaucoup aimé!


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