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Pattern try: TOVA

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I’m in love! and it’s something for me-myself-and-I 🙂

My tova!

I tried the Tova tunic and dress by Wiksten. Did I say LOVE?!

For the first time in my entire sewing life, all my measurements were fitting in on one size. ALL of them. I was not going to use 3 sewing pattern sizes to cut myself something that will in the end not fit properly.

My tova!

For this one, I am, according to the chart, a XL. I’m not big. I have a healthy weight for my height (5’9″) and do not sport a heavy bosom. (I’m quite wide on the hip department though…) so be warned and check the measurement chart before purchasing if you plan to make you one.

My tova!

For this pattern I even took time to make a muslin (from old bed sheet)… I am a good girl aren’t I?! I was proud of myself for that. The Tova is really well written, easy to follow and fiddly just enough to be a challenge.

tova tunic, muslin

You just have to pass the ordeal of taping 25 sheets of paper together AND cutting your pattern before starting anything. This was easy to do and follow, it just took quite some time to complete!

My tova!

The fabrics are all from the thrift store.  A ivory-purple loose woven coupon and a linen purple (small) tunic were used here. I cut the dress length (with added inches to make it longer) but the loose woven made it see through even with an underskirt. So I cut it back to tunic length. The changes I made was adding a panel of fabric so I won’t have to wear a cami underneath and to add a bit of elastic at the back to gather it.

My tova!

It’s sooo comfy and nice looking! I’m planning to make more of them… I asked hubby if I make 4 Tova if it will be too much for one closet 😉

Pour mes petits amis!

J’ai donc essayé un nouveau patron, pour mon moi-même! Et j’aime tellement! Pour la première fois dans ma vie de “couturière” toutes mes mensurations “fittaient” dans une seule grandeur (XL)! J’ai même fait un essai dans un vieux drap pour être sûre que tout était correct (la photo avec les fleurs jaunes). Le patron est facile à suivre et juste assez difficile pour avoir un beau défi. Il faut juste coller 25 feuilles de papier au début pour couper le patron et ça c’était long mais relativement facile 😉

Les tissus sont du centre bénévole. Le tissu ivoire et mauve est assez transparent, j’ai donc dû couper la robe pour en faire une tunique finalement. Le tissu mauve est du lin qui provient d’une petite tunique que j’ai recyclée.  Je demandais à mon mari hier soir, si 4 Tova étaient trop pour un seul garde-robe….. 🙂


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  1. I’m the same way, when something fits….. I buy or make one in every color!!! Great score on the thrift store fabric, too. Love it!

  2. Just popped over from Flickr – love your interpretation of the Tova and you’re colour accents at the collars/cuffs and the front panel insert. Beautiful work. Hope you’ve having lots of wear from it 🙂 x

  3. Just browsing around looking for some Tova inspiration and found your blog. I love the colour accents, esp the bit on the chest! I have a short decolletage and over-exposure is always a problem for me! Thank you so much 🙂

    • Oh thanks!
      I’m glad to have been helpful! I just measured the insert, cut a panel that wide with double the height i wanted, then folded it in half and sewed it at the time as the insert…


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