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We are back!

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Camille and I are back from girl’s camp! man, and we are tired 🙂

It was fun! I was with the older girls (13-16) and Camille was in a different group, so we got to cross each other a couple of times each day, just enough to have some hugs! Since I was going there in the middle of the week, I didn’t have an organized position as the others so I was happy to go wherever they needed help. I got to do a lot of crafts (heaven! hours of uninterrupted crafts!) got to go to the beach and so on 🙂

girls camp!

The girls wanted me to take pictures while the were jumping from the pier… I was happy with the results!

girls camp!

We had to delay our arrival home since I got sick just before leaving. yep! fever, stomachache and headache… Feeling better today but not my habitual self yet.

I’ll be having something very interesting for you, sweet readers, thursday 🙂 (*hint*  *hint* my blog will be a year old….!!)


Ah ah! on est de retour!

Camille et moi avons passé de bons moments au camp de jeunes filles! j’étais animatrice pour les plus vieilles (13-16) mais je croisais ma cocotte plusieurs fois par jour, juste assez pour avoir une bonne dose de câlins! Ce fut extrêmement agréable. Des heures de bricolages! du plaisir à la plage! On a dû par contre retarder notre retour d’une journée vu que j’ai été malade juste avant de partir… fièvre, maux de ventre et de tête 😦 je vais mieux aujourd’hui!

Je vous prépare un petit quelque chose  qui ressemble à une surprise Jeudi! (*clin d’oeil* mon blog aura 1 an…!)


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Hi there! Love crafting and sewing, taking pictures and show it all :)

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  1. Great photos! And welcome home! 🙂 P.S. Feel better soon!


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