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Yep! another one 🙂 We went at tree-link last friday. But don’t worry, mommy as been “cool” since then and stayed home very quietly for the week end 🙂

THe kids really liked it.


I was very proud of my boy for over coming his heights fear and doing it all like a big boy! He was proud and happy of himself too.


Hubby liked it too, even though it was the trail for kids.


I stayed with Rachel clipping and unclipping her at each new segment. She LOVED it. It was pure pleasure , this kid is going to fear nothing in life, let me tell you…



Camille went to the water slides with a friend on saturday and sunday she went horse riding with daddy… She won’t have a boring summer to tell…

Petite sortie  à arbre-en-arbre Vendredi! Les enfants ont beaucoup aimé et Julien était tellement fier de lui d’avoir passé par-dessus sa peur des hauteurs! Rachel était complètement folle du trajet et s’est bidonnée en masse 😉



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  1. Never heard of tree linking. It’s great you’re doing things with your children when they’re young that increase their confidence in themselves. They do look adorable. Now rest up, mummy!


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