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Knitting is back…

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I was tired of knitting fingerless mitts… lol!

Source: via Beth on Pinterest

I was in desperate need of something beautiful AND lacy.

Preferably with beads.

my new gail

That would be using some of my Knitpicks stash.

my new gail

(Shimmer form Knitpicks, 440 yards, 70% baby alpaca- 30%silk. lace weight)

I spent many hours looking for a nice shawl to knit (out of my 253 favorites on Ravelry! and that is not counting scarves and cowls…) And I couldn’t decide… (are you surprised??)

my new gail

And then I thought of the shawl I made for my mother in law a couple of years ago, suddenly wanting one for myself 🙂


This is my spice of Gail shawl from the Gail (aka Nightsong) by Jane Araujo free pattern on Ravelry.


You can find my project page here (with infos on which row I did the beading!). As the first one , I had to frog my first couple of rows as I did a mistake in the beginning, and I had to correct the chart as they were mistakes in it too. But now I’m rolling!

my new gail


J’avais envie de faire du tricot, et autre chose que des mitaines pas de doigts… Quelque chose de magnifique, en dentelle et avec perles… J’ai passé des heures à regarder mes favoris (pour les châles, j’en ai 253 sur Ravelry!) sans pouvoir me décider… êtes-vous surpris? finalement j’ai repensé au châle que j’avais fait pour ma belle-mère (le brun) et j’en ai voulu un pour mon moi-même! alors voilà! La laine est  Shimmer de Knitpicks. Grosseur dentelle, 70% bébé alpaga- 30% soie, 440 verges.


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Hi there! Love crafting and sewing, taking pictures and show it all :)

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  1. Wow! That is gorgeous!!! I don’t know how to knit yet, so I’m always in awe of fabulous projects like this! 🙂 P.S. I don’t think I’ve ever told you, but the first time I read your “About Cul De Sac” blurb above I thought it said ” . . . one baby at a time.” 🙂 But you’re amazing with your *babies* AND your baby steps! 🙂

  2. OMG! You’ve knit the Gail??? I might have to commission you…I’ve wanted one for a while, but I have no interest in learning to read charts. Lol. It is a difficult knit?

    • It’s not a difficult knit but the chart can be a troublesome reading even if you work with charts regularly… But I prefer the charts over writing instructions, so much easier to follow!
      It’s funny… I was thinking to make you one…!!!

  3. Me mind boggles at such projects as knitter I’m not, but I can appreciate the amount of work and skill it takes to make such a pattern from such thin yarn and beads.

  4. wow, it’s stunning. nice job!


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