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Pattern try: sew serendipity skirt

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Yep! Must be on a roll… lol I made something else for me! Isn’t it wonderful?

sew serendipity

From this book, I made the skirt 🙂

sew serendipity

And better than that, I also did a muslin. My, I’m beginning to be too good 😉 (not taking myself seriously here)

my sew serendipity skirt!

The muslin was fitting alright, but somehow the skirt ended up a bit large. Like very, very comfortable large. Like don’t pull the skirt down because it will large… ha! I think I’ll add darts at the back so it will be a better fit.

my sew serendipity skirt!

For this little number I used all reclaimed material (of course) so I threw in the mix 2 pairs of black denim pants, corduroy pants (from hubby) and some stretch cotton white stripes on black pants. I also used a necktie to make the pocket and some thrift store fabric for the facing. Even the zip is reclaimed…

my sew serendipity skirt!

Lemme talk about that zip… see? it’s an invisible zipper!

my sew serendipity skirt!

MY FIRST ONE! Oh my holy gosh! Did I said that I won’t be coming back? So easy peasy. And with no invisible zipper foot!  It’s not perfect but for a first one it’ll do. I was impressed with myself here since I was dead afraid of them 😉

my sew serendipity skirt!

About that pattern, I did as written but made the skirt longer. Quickish and easy. I can see more of this skirt in my future… (but I may try the Large size instead of XL)

Une p’tite jupe pour mon moi-même!

Faite à partir du livre Sew Serendipity. J’aime beaucoup! J’ai même fait une toile avant de faire la “vraie” jupe!  

Donc la jupe est faite de matières recyclés (naturellement!) j’ai donc utilisé 2 paires de jeans noirs, un pantalon en corduroy gris (merci mon mari!) et un pantalon noir rayé blanc. Et aussi une cravate pour faire la poche. Même la fermeture éclair est recyclée…. Ma première fermeture invisible!! Je suis tellement fière de moi! Elle n’est pas parfaite, mais pour une première elle va faire l’affaire. La jupe est très confortable quoiqu’un peu grande. Je vais être belle pour mon retour à l’école 😉


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  1. It’s wonderful you’ve taken such good care of… YOU as you definitely deserve it!
    This looks a lovely book, and your combinations of cloth are excellent as always.
    (I’ll tell you a secret about my skirt – I found those scraps! & am working on my little project, too!)

  2. i love this skirt! i’ll have to look into that book. i have one i have been flipping through in the evenings these days that you might find inspiring:

    • Oh. MY. Holy. Gosh! this book is amazing! man, I want the black and red one (with pinwheels? flowers?) are the patterns for the skirts included? if so what are the sizes?? thanks a lot for your comment and the link! I think this book is going on my wish list!

  3. 🙂 i am so happy to spread a little sewing book joy to you! we both seem to be into the deconstructed/upcycle look a lot. that said, this book only has one skirt pattern (very basic) with no size listed but a number of shape patterns to serve as a guide on the embellishments you are applying. the assumption in the text is that you would use a thrift store skirt or something you already own and then add to it. there are so many cool designs and ideas, especially for using odds and ends of material that we would usually discard as too tiny to do anything with. hope this helps!


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