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Another surprise in the mail…

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I have been spoiled  this last week! So spoiled that I may be starting to rotten 😉

My friend Kim sent me a HUGE package… she IS crazy!

a lucky girl!

It was better than Xmas morning though. The kids were way too much excited. That doubled up when they saw some of the wrapped parcels had their names on them… They were squealing and unwrapping like crazies, then running to their rooms to stash their treasures safely!

a lucky girl!

Julien got a japanese book on how to make paper airplanes and he’s been using it a lot! I mean, every few feet I stumble onto one.

Man, there were such great stuff! Remember my Bento post?

a lucky girl!

Now with all these neat Bento products, I’ll rock the lunches! 🙂 Just can’t wait for school to start again… for the lunches and for the vacations mommy is gonna get  lol! (and I’m not even showing you the complete set!)

She also sent some things for my handbags and sewing. Some yummy yarns (see those gorgeous cotton? teal and yellow! soo cheery!)

a lucky girl!

and she made me hard lotion bars! If she hadn’t told me I wouldn’t have guessed she made those. I was sure she bought them somewhere nice… this is going asap in my purse, I’ll be ready when winter comes!

*sigh* I  have been feeling it was too much  and I wasn’t deserving it, but Hubby told me ” you are really good to your friends so let her spoil you a bit”…

Thank you more than billion Kim! Love you! ( and just can’t wait to see you!!!!)

J’ai été tellement gâtée dernièrement! Avez-vous vu l’énorme colis que j’ai reçu hier??! Mon amie Kim est complètement folle… 😉  C’était un peu comme le matin de Noël! Les enfants étaient vraiment excités… et ils le sont devenus encore plus quand ils ont vu leurs noms sur certains paquets. Elle m’a envoyé plein de trucs pour faire des lunchs de style Bento! YAY! J’ai tellement hâte que l’école recommence! Pour faire de super beaux lunchs et pour les vacances que maman aura 🙂 J’ai aussi reçu plein de choses pour mes sacs à main et ma couture. De la belle laine et de la lotion en barre pour les main, que Kim a fait elle-même! J’ai vraiment eu l’impression de recevoir un trop gros cadeau, mais mon mari dit que je suis très gentille avec mes amies, donc qu’elle avait le droit de me gâter un peu… Merci Mille fois Kim! Gros bisous et on se voit bientôt!!!!!


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  1. wow, you really hit the jackpot with all of that cool stuff! does she need another friend? 😉

  2. JEALOUSY! Oh wow! I am probably going to have a shopping spree on my yarn shop so I can get a package in the mail and jump for joy! ❤ Your friend is pretty darn awesome – you are lucky lucky!!

  3. Wow, what a nice friend you have!


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