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Instantly slim tut!

It all started by me following a pin on Pinterest

Source: via Denise on Pinterest

This is the same woman. See how the cut and the fit are related to make her look biggish or slimmer??

If you click to go on her blog, you’ll see how back pockets, top stitching, the cut of the pants, how all that affect the way you look. It’s kind of interesting to look at so many jeans on the same woman and see the effects 🙂

I know, it’s a no brainer, but I never took time to think about it. So I took a closer look at my jeans and pants… tried them on… and went all excited to see I could make them fit better! You see, I’m kind of tall and I can’t find lots of jeans the length I need (at a price I’m willing to pay!). I buy my pants at Reitmans. They’ve got jeans for tall women, nice price, comfortable… but it’s mom jeans… and are not that flattering for my wide hips self.

Are you in the same boat?! I thought of you and made a

Instantly slim tut

Really, I just took in the legs at the bottom to have a slimmer cut, but if you don’t know how to do it here’s some pictures for you to follow!

First, put your first pair of pants inside out. Put them on. Pin one leg  on the outside  until you have a fit you like ( keeping the hem even, so you are substracting the same amount of fabric from the back and front) (sorry I was so excited I forgot to take pictures for this step!) The inside  side of the leg has  top stitchings so It is difficult to do a nice and good looking job if you pin there.

Go, to your sewing machine and sew a straight line following your pins.

Instantly slim tut

Next, put the just sewed leg onto the one to be done, keeping the hem and crotch seam even.

Instantly slim tut

With a bit of soap, or pencil just draw your line following your new seam.

Instantly slim tut

Instantly slim tut

Sew this one and you are almost done! just cut the extra fabric, zigzag stitch and Wear your new nice looking, nice fitting jeans!!


Instantly slim tut


Instantly slim tut

Donc un p’tit tuto pour vous faire une cure d’amaigrissement instantanée! Sérieusement, avez-vous vu sur la première photo? C’est la même fille, 2 paires de jeans différents! Et toute une différence! Comme quoi la position des poches, la coupe et les surpiqûres peuvent faire un gros effet! J’ai donc voulu avoir des pantalons plus “avantageux” sans avoir à changer ma garde-robe. J’ai pris un de mes pantalon, l’ai tourné envers dehors et épinglé le surplus de tissu du côté extérieur de la jambe (en prenant soin d’en enlever autant de tissu à l’avant et à l’arrière). J’ai ensuite cousu en suivant mes épingles. Pour faire l’autre jambe (ou un autre pantalon!) on met la jambe égale à l’autres (en alignant l’entre-jambe et le bord) et on fait une ligne égale à la première couture. On enlève les surplus de tissu, une petite finition au point zigzag et TÀ-DÀ! de “nouveaux” pantalons!


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  1. So clever! I’ll definitely try this one! 🙂

  2. Love the concept of measuring the second leg directly from the first (and those are your comfy red shoes)!

    • No, these are another pair of red flats i own, never as comfortable as the siebel i just bought! 😉 love red! Love red shoes! I think it’s much easier and quick to measure from the first leg than to pin both….

  3. I cannot believe that is the same woman’s bum at the beginning of your post. It’s so amazing how a good fit makes all the difference in the world. I love your red shoes. Super cute!

  4. Thank you for sharing such a well written tutorial with us!


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