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All the rage craft fair.

I had a craft fait last sunday 🙂 In NDG in Montréal. It was my second year (and the fair second year too) at this place and it was ok I guess.

All the rage craft fair

It was in a different building this time and that was much better than last year! More booths too. But still pretty low on traffic. I’d say less than 100 people went to the show. But I made more sales than last year 🙂 So all in all it wasn’t bad. Just a long afternoon…

All the rage craft fair

I was still not very satisfied with my table setting. Even though I had a small wooden  case (in which I had a shelf for more storage) and my spice rack that was holding my kleenex holders.

All the rage craft fair

But something is off and I still don’t know what….

All the rage craft fair

I scotch taped my tie bags on the brick wall to gain more space on the table (which was 8′ long)

All the rage craft fair
I couldn’t put all my scarves though and didn’t brought my mittens because I thought I wouldn’t have enough space…

All the rage craft fair

I would love to have your feedbacks and ideas so it’s better looking! (hey Lynn! any ideas ??!! I’m far from the cuteness of your booth!)

I bought some burlap and went for 6′ of it… I should have gone to 8′ since it looks weird on a 8′ table…

All the rage craft fair

J’ai donc participé à la foire À la page! dans NDG à MOntréal…. La salle était mieux que celle de l’an passé, plus d’exposants aussi, mais très peu de traffic… je dirais moins de 100 personnes… Mais j’ai quand même fait quelques ventes! Je suis, par contre, encore insatisfaite de la présentation de mon kiosque… J’ai ajouté une caisse de bois (dans laquelle j’ai mis une tablette) pour mes étuis à crayons (et ça me gagne de l’espace sur la table), mon armoire à épices qui contenait mes étuis à mouchoirs, J’avais scotch tapé les sacs cravates au mur… ce n’est pas à mon goût mais je ne suis pas capable de mettre le doigt dessus… J’ai aussi acheté de la jute pour la table, mais j’ai pris seulement 6′ de jute… j’aurais dû en prendre 8’…

Auriez-vous des idées pour Moi!!! SVP!??? qu’est-ce que vous en pensez?

About Cul de Sac

Hi there! Love crafting and sewing, taking pictures and show it all :)

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  1. I LOVE all your wares . . . and your sign . . . I think your display looks very inviting! Wish I were close enough to come! 🙂

  2. sew20something

    I think it looks great! One thing I’ve heard before is grouping like patterns or color stories instead of grouping like items. Never tried it but always heard it was a clean look when displaying. That’s all I got:) I love your half moon zipper pouches!

  3. Everything looks so amazing!! I’m so envious of your talent!!!

  4. Hi, I absolutely love your stock and would love to see it for real, but bit too far to travel from the UK. And I really love the bag with the yellow handle, very eye catching.I think the idea about colour theming would be good. I wonder if there is a better way to display the scarfs- have you a mannequin? What about a mirror to for people to see how they would look?

    • Thanks for taking time for commenting and giving your ideas! I don’t have a mannequin, but my eyes are open to thrift one one day… (wish me luck!) I do have a mirror always stash in my luggage, if i have a pegboard wall (some craft fairs offer them along with thevtable but many don’t) i put the mirror and the scarves along with the tie bags on it. I think i’ll take time this week and try the color combining. I want to thrift to a coat rack (coat stand? You know the one that looks like a tree?!) And i was thinking of getting a vintage vine bottle holder to put the scarves all rolled up in… What do you think of all that??

      • I think a coat stand would look terrific- what about a vintage full length mirror with the scarves on the side bits- take up some space but what woman can walk past a mirror without looking? I shall definitely think about this some more,especially when I go to fairs to see what attracts me to some stalls and not others. have you ever made hats? Somehow hats, bags and scarves seem to go together.

      • Never really thought about hats… Man, hats are trendy today! I was chatting with a lovely lady about hats and my curly hair for the past 2 days lol! I might consider it, but i’ve already lots on my plate… But it’s on the back burner now 😉 love the vintage mirror, i’ll start looking for one now… Thanks you lots and lots for your ideas, this mean a lot to me!!! (if you get more, please do share them!!!) i think I just want a “wow” looking booth *sigh*

  5. Got it-you need another cul de sac stitched on the front of the table cloth hanging down!

  6. When I’m having a problem with colors or arranging something (or wonky prints on fabric – grin) I take some photos. The I look at those photos a lot… Sometimes what’s bothering my eye shouts out at me, and sometimes I have to look at that photo for a month… just glancing, until a solution unfolds itself.

    If you have the space, lay out your stock and walk by periodically. Your eye will begin to see what needs to shift, and where, what piece works and what doesn’t.

    I have a friend who sells yarns & patterns regularly at fairs, and she has similar problems every year, even at the same locations; things change & she has to adapt at the last minute.

    You’ll get it ~ growing pains are just opportunities in disguise!

    • I approuve… I did the setup 2 weeks ago and took pictures 🙂 now, i need to try that set up with color combinations and take more pictures lol! But you are right, sometimes you need to just sleep on the problem for awhile, and then BANG th solution is just in front of your face 🙂

  7. What a gorgeous setup! Love it!


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