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It’s really back to school!!

Ahhhhh *sigh of relief…*

I was glad school was over in june, but now I’m glad vacations are over! We had a nice and busy summer, but for the last 2 weeks the kids were bickering and quarreling a lot. It was time!


I can’t show you the picture with my 3 kids (because my son doesn’t want to be seen on the internet) but it was funny to see his face on that! Soooo reluctant! lol!

this time of the year means back to lunch making too! I love making lunches and even more so with all the goodies my friend Kim sent over…

bento my way


In this one: Tortilla sandwich with mayo, cheddar cheese and ham, slices of cucumber and 2 carrots, grapes and half a prune, cheesy fish crackers and 2 dates and one Whippet along with a glass of water and a yogurt…  Yes, my kids eat a lot…

still can’t believe I took this picture in the dark. I mean, no light and flash whatsoever at pass 8 pm (it was difficult to center my picture as it was really dark!) …. I use the low shutter speed (30 sec exposure) iso at 1600 (my camera max) and did a wee bit of editing (to remove the blue from the picture) awesome!!! Man, I’m having fun with that camera!

The 2 big kids were excited to meet their new teacher and see which friends were in their class! Back to school day is always exciting! can’t wait for mine 🙂

C’est la rentrée de mes 2 grands cocos! C’est dommage que je ne puisse vous montrer la photo avec mes 3 enfants, on peut voir Julien débordant d’enthousiasme… comme un prisonnier condamné à vie…. LOL! Ils étaient très excités de rencontrer leur professeur et de voir quels amis seront dans leur classe cette année! C’est aussi le temps de se remettre aux lunchs…. Pour la première journée, je leur ai préparé un beau p’tit repas… Sandwich tortillas avec mayo, cheddar et jambon, tranches de concombre et carottes, une demie prune et des raisins, 2 dattes, craquelins poisson et Whippet… avec un yogourt et de l’eau… oui, mes enfants mangent beaucoup! Ce que j’ai trouvé extraordinaire c’est la photo du lunch…. je l’ai prise passé 8 heures hier soir, dans le noir…. J’ai placé ma camera sur une longue exposition (30 secondes) avec un iso de 1600. J’ai juste édité pour enlever le bleu de l’éclairage! On ne pourrait pas deviner à la regarder!

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Hi there! Love crafting and sewing, taking pictures and show it all :)

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  1. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment! It made my day! I hope you are having a wonderful week! XOXO

  2. Lovely lunch- wish you could make one for me too. best of luck to the family for the new school year!

  3. Yummy lunch – no wonder you have people queuing up!
    HUGE Thank You for your suggestion to freeze that hat to get rid of the glue.
    It worked!


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