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Pattern try: Mary’s Fancy sash dress

Camille was really in need of new dresses (Have I ever said that I have 2 really girly girls?) And she’s hitting that age where it’s becoming very difficult to find older girl dresses that is lengthy to our taste (yep, hers too)… And everywhere I was looking there were only cotton dress patterns, the one made for hot summer days, not cool winter ones.

Girl's world!

As I was drooling  going through that book (again!) and cooing over those lovely and colorful dresses the bulb went on!  I could make one for winter using heavier weight fabric and she could wear it putting a long sleeve t-shirt underneath… I mean duh, that was so obvious 🙂

So,  I took some 2$ corduroy from the thrift store I new she would love and a contrasting cotton skirt and went to work…

Pattern try: mary's fancy sash dress

Easy to make! I had a bit of trouble with the bias binding at the neck and armholes but it went fairly quickly! I was going to make some of them for summer and I think i’ll make bodice linings for these ones.

She LOVED it! in fact she was wearing it the next morning when I woke up and I had to make a point for her to get it off lol…

Pattern try: mary's fancy sash dress

I really like the contrasting orange sash, it pops up a lot! I just need to find a long sleeve t-shirt now 😉

And since I had about  a yard left, I made a matching skirt for her little sister

Pattern try: mary's fancy sash dress

Rachel was estatic!

Rachel's new skirt!

I thought there were too much fabric as the skirt is bunching at the waist but she loved the fullness…

Rachel's new skirt!

(she wanted to take pictures with her dolly!)
Mommy’s happy, both girls are too!

Rachel's new skirt!

Still can’t belive she’s starting preK tomorrow afternoon…

Camille a besoin de nouvelles robes pour l’hiver (qui devrait arriver un jour!) et on commence à avoir de la difficulté à trouver cet item, particulièrement apprécié dans cette maison, à une longueur convenable… J’ai donc essayé un patron pour une robe d’été… avec du tissu d’hiver, en l’occurence  du corduroy (2$ du centre bénévole) et une jupe de coton de chez Reitmans! Patron facile, fille aux anges! Vu qu’il me restait un peu de tissu, j’ai fait une jupe pour Rachel! Et elle était absolument ravie!


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  1. Beautiful! And your photos are so lovely! (And your model so cute!) 🙂


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