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No baby anymore

Yep, that’s right! My last baby has entered the milestone and started PreK this afternoon…

My last baby at school...

She was way too excited by this event!

My last baby at school...

She spent hours making drawings for her new teacher all week…

My last baby at school...

She kept asking how many sleeps before she goes to the same school as her big sister (and brother)…

My last baby at school...

We ended up being at the school doors 20 minutes in advance 😉 She thought it was taking too much time and we needed to go like NOW lol!

My last baby at school...

That gave mommy time to take pictures 🙂 and maybe to let a tear go down…

Mon dernier bébé a commencé sa prématernelle cet après-midi! Elle était tellement excitée! Elle a fait des dessins des heures durant toute la semaine pour son nouveau “prof”… Elle était tellement impatiente d’y aller que nous sommes arrivées devant les portes 20 minutes en avance 😉 Ça a donné le temps à maman de faire des photos… et peut-être versé une larme…


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  1. A bit of a sad moment for mum… but happy, too.
    Isn’t it wonderful that she’s so excited to be at school!
    A big hug ~

    • Yes, it makes me very happy to see my 3 kids blossom… And see what they are able to do now, all the skills growing bigger 🙂 it was beautiful seeing Rachel excitation, and all the expectations and delectations and anticipation… School was a bit magic for her yesterday!


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