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I’ve been making some doodles while listening to the elections night a couple of weeks ago (yeah, kind of needed to spice that radio talk  up a bit)…


It was fun to just to mindlessly pick up a pencil and just draw.


Then I was inspired by those two awesome ladies…

Ayumi from Pink Penguin

Source: via Josée on Pinterest

(That is making me want to do some quilter’s block!)

Source: via Josée on Pinterest



I LOVE her pincushion too, so pretty!

and Krystine from Pretty by hand

Source: via Josée on Pinterest

I mean, have you seen those pretties??  She even has a book coming out soon!!

How not to be inspired by that? I took one of my drawings and turned it into…

hand embroidered small zippered bag

a bag! I wanted something bright and cheery!

hand embroidered small zippered bag
I loved doing the chain stitch! and I loved the look of it as a filling stitch 🙂 more than the satin stitch… It’s quicker and more

nicer looking.

hand embroidered small zippered bag

As usual, the bag is made from reclaimed materials (linen coat, duvet cover and

bed sheet as interlining, reclaimed metal zipper and upcycled zipper pull).

I might have an idea of what to do with those drawings… stay tune for that!

And a quick note about the back ground…. Just a tip really 😉 I use dollar store roll

of wrapping papers to make different back grounds 😉 cheap, easy to roll up and when you are done

(or when it gets old) use it as wrapping paper again 🙂

dollar store back drop

Pendant la soirée d’élections, je me suis occupée les mains en faisant des dessins…. Et puis, inspirée

par 2 dames j’ai décidé d’en broder un sur un sac! J’aime beaucoup l’effet 🙂 Le sac est fait d’un

manteau en lin, housse de couette, drap et zipper recyclé. 

Et une petite note concernant la toile de fond…. J’utilise parfois les rouleaux de papier

d’emballage du dollorama! pas cher, facile à rouler pour le rangement

et quand il est rendu trop vieux, il retourne en papier d’emballage!


About Cul de Sac

Hi there! Love crafting and sewing, taking pictures and show it all :)

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  1. I just adore that bag, it is …. I am lost for words- I love it!

  2. OMG!!!!!!! That is ADORABLE! I love your doodles! Man…I REALLY love what you did with this bag. You should use your designs more often.

  3. Your doodles are adorable!
    Yes, they could and should get more use.
    I could see these on a child’s dress, or jumper, or skirt… lots of things.
    And how clever you are to use the wrapping paper for backgrounds.
    Definitely things that will prove valuable for you!

  4. Is there a pattern for this bag? I love it!


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