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UFOs… UnFinished Object. I’ve got several of these… maybe too much?! Anyway, last night I was feeling like doing something but not picking out fabrics to start new projects since allergies are messing my brains… I went and opened the drawer of doom and took out what was inside… and choose a couple of project that was missing their final stage 😉

I mean, that pair of mittens only need one cuff to be sewed on… that is 5 minutes top… and they were here for months! talk about loosing interest lol! (men size, upcycled wool sweaters, t-shirts and flannel)

upcycled mittens, men size

This purse was sitting there as long as the mittens I think and I really took a deep breath and finished it too…

eco-friendly cross body purse

And I’m glad I did now it doesn’t haunt the back of  my brains anymore ha!

eco-friendly cross body purse

It’s made from men’s black pants, women’s capri, 2 zippers (one is the white “piping”!) interfacing, magnetic snap and velcro.

eco-friendly cross body purse

The strap is cross body with a curtain ring 🙂

eco-friendly cross body purse

It also has one front flap pocket and one zippered at the back.

eco-friendly cross body purse

And how about that mug cozy?!

coffee cozy, reclaimed yarn

it has been finished but for weaving the 2 ends in for about 6 months. Yep, I’m hopeless… I embroidered a little tea tag on it, and I think it’s looking real cute now.

coffee cozy, reclaimed yarn

The wool is reclaimed from an old sweater and it was my first time dying wool with Kool Aid!!! how cool! now I really wanna do some dying again 😉 I used grape, cherry and orange Kool Aid.

first hand dyed job! with Kool aid

I made 2 pairs of these fingerless mitts (one for me, one for sale!) and I LOVE them 🙂

fingerless mitts made from hand dyed reclaimed yarn

Still need to finished 2 scarves that have been cut up and a bracelet hand bag that has been sitting for more than a year now… We’ll see about this one lol! (still have to finish knitting the fingerless mitts I’m doing for my uncle… but one step at a time!)


Hier, j’avais envie de travailler sur quelque chose sans avoir à choisir de nouveaux tissus pour un nouveau projet (les allergies rendent mon cerveau plutôt lent!) j’ai donc ouvert le tiroir de l’oubli et décidé de finir quelques uns des projets qui y végétaient depuis des lustres… Donc, j’ai terminé une paire de mitaines (pour homme) à qui il manquait seulement un poignet (5 minutes de travail) puis un sac qui dormait depuis 6 mois… et finalement un manchon à café  à qui il restait juste à rentrer les bouts de laine de la fin et du départ (2 minutes) et j’ai décidé d’y faire un petit carton style thé brodé 😉 il me reste encore quelques autres projets, mais ils devront attendre encore un peu 🙂

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  1. wow ! le sac est génial ! il me le faut ! 🙂

  2. Doesn’t it feel amazing to finally finish projects?? I have so many up in the air right now as well…I love the tea tag!! Was just snooping around your Etsy shop…I love the little pouches and the retro dolls.

  3. Wow, moi aussi j’adore le sac! 🙂

  4. What a wonderful job in project completion ~ brava ! ! !
    Love those Kool Aid colors, too!

  5. Can you tell me where you make your labels? I’m thinking it’s time I need some!


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