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autumn at my place

We hit that time again !

autumn at my place

Fresh and crisp air

autumn at my place

chilly nights

autumn at my place

warm days

autumn at my place

hot colors everywhere

autumn at my place

mud scents

autumn at my place

Less mosquitoes 😉

autumn at my place

It’s the time of maturation

autumn at my place

the last chance to spread the seeds….

autumn at my place

the frog stopped their singing opera  at night (it’s nice to hear them but they are sooo loud! they must be at least 100 of them around. People visiting are always very impressed to hear them lol)

autumn at my place

I’m still amazed by the number of things I can do if I wake up (and get up!!) early in the morning…

autumn at my place

Before 10 this morning, the kids were in school and at the babysitter, I’ve started laundry, went for 1 km run, took a hundred pictures of the woods beside my house and showered….

autumn at my place

But I tend to forget that fact as my bed is so comfy lol!

And it’s time for change for myself too!

autumn at my place

Still can’t believe how much I’ve grown in the last couple of years. I’m taking challenges now that I wouldn’t have never even consider 3 years back. Now, I’ve challenged myself to be put out of my comfort zone…

for the last 2 years :

  • I did the Skyventure (free fall simulation, and no I won’t be doing that again… way too harsh for my sensitive skin!)
  • I did a year in a chorus
  • I’ve decided to go back to school
  • I gave my name for an improvisation team (still need to see for that, I’ve done it when I was younger and loved it!)
  • Started working out to be in a better shape
  • and I’m  going on a trip by myself

Yep, in 2 days, I’m going to take the plane all by myself and go see my awesome friend Kim in Idaho… It’s making me nervous but I get all excited at the same time when I think of it 🙂 Feels good to be putting my big girl’s panties!

I think that trip and the school starting in about 2 weeks are making my tummy ache for the last couple of weeks….


Des photos du bois à côté de ma maison! J’aime beaucoup l’automne; les couleurs, la senteur, la fraîcheur le soir et la chaleur du midi, les bibittes en moins, et les grenouilles qui ont cessé leur opéra du soir! J’ai décidé il y a deux ans de me donner des défis 😉  et de sortir de ma zone de confort… j’ai donc réalisé plusieurs choses!

  • J’ai fait le skyventure (simulation de saut en parachute)
  • J’ai fait partie d’une chorale
  • J’ai donné mon nom pour faire partie d’une ligue d’import (j’attends des nouvelles…)
  • J’ai commencé à m’entraîner pour être en meilleur forme
  • J’ai décidé de retourner à l’école
  • Et dans 2 jours je prends l’avion comme une grande fille pour aller visiter une amie aux USA…

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  1. love the pic of the wood and the grass with the dew on it. i say it a lot…you have a good eye. and i am sooooooooo excited about seeing you soon!!! we are going to have lots of crazy fun.

  2. Cheri, your photographs are glorious! How I wish we had beautiful color like that where I am. You are right to always keep growing, if you do not mind my saying… For once we stop growing and progressing, while the rest of the world changes & grows, we wind up… oops!… falling behind. Not a good thing!

    You are an inspiration, as you take your first trip alone. Am also contemplating a similar experience, but not in 2 days!

    Have a wonderful time & just tell all those doubting thoughts to shut up & get lost!

  3. beautiful photos! This is my FAVORITE season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Gorgeous fall photos!!


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