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Fire camp poncho

Hey! how are you guys doing??! I’m back from my trip 🙂 I had a blast! I’m so lucky to have a dear friend like  her (hi Kim!)! but more on that later as I need to edit my pictures…

Camille changed group with the scouts and is now with the older kids (called the Louveteaux in french, age 10-12) and she needed a fire camp poncho for her fall day camp. Usually I’m not a procrastinator on things like that but I just couldn’t bring myself to just do it lol!

So I found some minky throws in the sale bin at Walmart for 10$. Bought one for Camille and one for my son as he will need one too. Waited ’til the last minute and finally got around it!

fire camp poncho

As you could imagine I started by cutting the head hole too big *sigh*. The minky stuff was shedding everywhere and I ended up being covered in purple fluffy bunnies. It took me forever to sew the bias tape (and it’s not that well looking so just skip it!). I thought as I was binding the neck hole to put a cording so now it’s adjustable and I think finally it was a good thing since it’ll be very useful.

fire camp poncho

I was all happy to show Camille I had sew a pocket with a side strap for her flashlight! And her saying she wanted me to remove it because, you know, it’s not girly enough… I can tell you, it’s STAYING there… (pocket as you guessed, from cargo pants)

fire camp poncho

I’m happy I got to use that cute hand embroidery I made, I just added her initials.

All in all, I think it’s not looking that bad 🙂 Maybe I’ll throw a tutorial when I’ll be making one for my son, now that I know where I’m going…


Camille avait besoin d’un poncho pour le feu de camp pour les scouts… après quelques aventures (couper le trou trop gros, avoir des bilous mauves partout, et coudre un appliqué croche) J’en suis finalement venu à bout! 

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  1. So much fun! Your children are so lucky to have you as a mom!!! Looks like you are enjoying every minute!

  2. Here’s a great tutorial on how to deal with furry fabric:

    From Sew Vera Venus, under Tutorials.


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