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A dear friend

I was so excited! I got to meet my friend Kim for real at last! And did we had fun 😉

I took the plane (3 in that case) and flew all the way to Idaho… and spent 4 amazing days with her and her way too cute daughter.

When I think about it, I feel like it was a dream. You see I found out she wasn’t just kind, funny, witty, and delightful to be with but also a devoted mother, a thoughtful  and open minded -free-spirited kind of gal…

Have you seen all the cool media buttons just below my picture at your right?? Yep, that’s her too! I mean that woman can code! (and I can’t, boo!) She even took time to show  how  to make the blogroll list to the wannabe me.

I was rotten spoiled while staying there (hello vietnamese food! and girl scouts cookies! and burt’s bee skin care!), she even bought some delish gluten free breads (oh I so wish they were selling them here…)

Hayden Trip

I spent quite some time playing with that cute 2 years old girlie (I mean, the mom is vietnamese and the dad is irish… can you imagine the beautiful mix?!) and I had fun!

We went to 4 fabric stores (i’ll show you my finds later 😉 and a yarn shop….

Hayden Trip

man, why can’t we have that here?!

Hayden Trip

stuff is so expensive in Québec…

Hayden Trip

We had a blast going through every row and patting every yarn balls lol! Sure, I had to take some home!

Here’s my new 2 babies…

schoppel laceball

My heart just swoon when I saw this one! Schoppel Wolle Zauberball Lace… in rich jewels. I’ve been drooling over it on Ravelry for a long time and I was more than eager to bring one home 😉

Cascade yarns lace

And some Cascade Yarns Alpaca lace… love me some lace ha!

I’ll make another post for my fabric purchases… yes, plural…
We talked a lot too. The kind of conversations I love! Deep and meaningful. Open and true.

I miss her a lot…. And taking the plane (2 this time) back home was real hard.

Thanks Kim for having me over and taking such a great care of me!


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  1. Am so delighted for you,for braving so many flights, and for having such a wonderful time with Kim. She sounds like an amazing friend. You richly deserve all the goodness that’s coming at you, so don’t feel guilty – just enjoy it all!

    • Thank you so much! She is an amazing woman and i feel bless to have her in my life… And i’m lucky to have you too 😉 you are always helpful and writing such kind comments!

  2. Princess and I miss you, too. 😦 It feels like it was so long ago. I am soooo looking forward to the next time we can hang out together…and this time, we’ll come to you. 😉 I always knew we were kindred spirits. Am totally missing our conversations and goofing off…Bohemian Rhapsody…”it goes like this”…(did I get that song back into your head???). And the crazy chestnut picking! LOL!!! Ah…we really miss you a lot.

    • Ah, I was forgetting those chestnuts… I should talk about them 😉 i miis you both a great deal too! We need to set up a new time for facetime… Since I now live a crazy life lol! Can’t wait to talk to you…


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