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last post on my trip…

You must be getting tired by it now 😉 But it’s the last one, promise!

I was really impressed by  Idaho’s landscape… It was different from what I’m used to see over here. I mean, we do get coniferous trees too but not like these. So tall. So many of them!

Hayden trip

And mountains everywhere!

Hayden trip

It’s really beautiful!

Hayden trip

the other thing I was impressed with but in a very different manner was the air dryness… Hello blotchy skin and mornings puffy eyes! I would call my kids first thing when  I woke up in the morning and they would be laughing hard at me telling me I looked like a witch… that’s a nice way to start a day 🙂 My throat was sore all the time and drinking water didn’t change anything. I’m sure you get use to it, but I wasn’t lol!

We walked in downton Coeur d’Alène, went to see the nice views of the lake….

Hayden trip

Hayden trip

And Kim drag me to the amazing resort to eat some Goey 🙂

Hayden trip

I had the small Goey… the big (regular!) one was about the size of my head, no kidding! I took the death by chocolate one, wasn’t called this way but it’s how I like to recall it 🙂

Hayden trip

What a nice trip… I so miss you Kim!!!


I forgot to write about something really funny…


We stumbled upon these Chestnuts one day and went crazy picking them from the ground for about 20 minutes… Stuffing pockets, purses and the like… To find out at night we couldn’t eat them LOL!!! We soo laughed about it 🙂

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  1. Beautiful photos!!! That is a gorgeous part of the world!
    Looks like you had fun.

  2. Stunning photos- what a wonderful trip!

  3. These are great photos – thank you for sharing!
    Love the red flower in your hair, too.
    Oh, those fabrics……. 😉
    What a wonderful time you two had – so glad you got together & shared some of your visit with us!


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