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Give me some glitter

I was in a glitter crave…. I mean, everything I am doing each week is house stuff, kids stuff and studying my a$$ off… There is such a amount of chemistry labs and reports one can handle before doing the crazy dance… and I even dream almost every night that I’m doing chemistry reports and prelabs, wish I was kidding! I haven’t touch my sewing machine for the last 5 weeks (weaning is hard here people!) and the only thing I did with a needle and thread was hand sewing scouts badges and knee patches.

glitter needs

So enter this nice looking shirt that I love to wear. But if you could peek at my winter shirts drawer, you’d be amazed by the monochromatic grey, black and white stripes shirts  that are in there.

And I really wanted glitter somewhere. You know as a healer… Like the chicken noodle thing soup.

glitter needs

I spent an hour hand sewing sequins on this shirt. And that was about all my brains could handle anyway 😉

Sequins are kind of glitter  don’t you think??

Made me feel better….


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Hi there! Love crafting and sewing, taking pictures and show it all :)

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  1. Cute! And GOOD FOR YOU doing something for yourself. Finally went jeans shopping this afternoon (had an hour) and it was crazy trying to find something so quickly. I really could use some “new” tees…I like your idea. Just enough sparkle to make it fun and easy-to-wear.

  2. Love it!!! And I know how you feel . . . I was that way recently on a weeks-long-day-and-night editing project. Hopefully you’ll get some R&R during the holidays! 🙂


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